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al-Tawheed Brigade takes a serious hit!

Area of Operation: Northern Front



Abdul Qadir Saleh

Abdul Qadir Saleh has officially succumbed to wounds he sustained when the Syrian forces bombed a car he was riding in in the the area of Aleppo where a secret meeting was said to take place 2 days ago. Their location was said to have been “leaked” to the Syrian officials.

They were all riding in a car together when the blast struck them. Abdul Qadir Saleh was seriously wounded, and taken to a Turkish hospital. Also killed in that blast was Yussef Al-Abbas, also known as Abu Al-Tayyeb.

Abbas was said to be the  Intelligence Chief Senior Commander in Aleppo.


Yussef Al-Abbas

Also wounded in the blast and taken to a Turkish Hospital was Abdelaziz Salameh.


Abdelaziz Salameh

Following the Libyan Islamist “Tripoli Corps” model, the Syrian Moslem Brotherhood set up a new Qatari – backed army, the Tawhid Corps. The Tawhid corps recently came to light thanks to al-Jazeera, the Qatar based Arab TV network. Abdul Qader al-Saleh, the leader of the Tawhid Corps became an instant star after al-Jazeera hosted him for an interview; the interviewer was none other than Ahmad Mowafak Zeidan, aljazeera’s former Pakistan correspondent, who interviewed Osama BinLaden for the popular TV network and was known for his Al-Qaeda sympathies. Zaydan was a member of the Syrian Moslem Brotherhood, and is now active within the Syrian opposition, alongside his Al-Jazeera job.

Abdul Qadir Saleh, also known as Hajji Marea, is/was the Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for the Northern Front. He is/was the head of al-Tawheed Brigade, said to be the largest Brigade operating in the Aleppo Province.

Prior to terrorism entering Syria for a proxy way on the country led by the US and UK, funded by Saudi and Qatar and aided heavily by Turkeys participation, Saleh was an import-export trader. Some of his fellow terrorist commanders suggest that his background is one of the reasons why he is known for being well-resourced and accounts for his ability to access critical supply lines. Saleh made an open alignment with Jabhat al-Nusra in Aleppo.

“You live by the sword, you die by the sword.”

Violence is never the answer…

Great job Syria!