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Syrias permanent representative to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari condemned Saudi in his recent speech to the UN. I cannot understand how Saudi can ever have the nerve to speak of human rights violations in any other country, when they violate every one of them.



Hey Saudi, lets speak of one ruling family while we condemn another. Lets speak of violations of protesters while you have killed and jailed your own. While we are at it, let speak about womens rights in Saudi when you have ZERO respect for women all together. Lets talk how you hang people in public for all to see. No entertainment, no theaters, no clubs (but that doesnt stop Prince al-Waleed, or any other Saudi from drinking), nothing in your country for your own people to enjoy life at all? No Bibles allowed, Christianity is illegal. You hate any other religion but your own. You have no tolerance for other views. You allow vile hate speaking clerics to spread hate over your airwaves by calling for the death of others. You condemn gay people to death. You dont even allow tourism, although I cannot imagine anyone wanting to go there. You are the biggest violators of human rights on the planet I know of. Radical Islamists seem to emanate from your country. How in the HELL would you ever expect any free thinking human to condemn Syria because you say so when you violate all aspects of human life in your own country? How DARE you say anything negative about Syria!

The video speaks for itself on the behavior of Saudi Arabia.


The video is in Arabic, but is translated into English. A bit hard to listen to both, but worth it if you are able. I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Praise and respect for Jaafari.

Uploaded by Nizar Abboud

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