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Terrorists on Thursday blew up a vehicle transporting a number of Jordanian intellectuals, writers and journalists in Daraa countryside who were on a visit to Syria, wounding five of them.

Atef Zaid al-Kilani, who were in the vehicle, told SANA reporter that terrorists remotely detonated an explosive device attached to the vehicle 10 km away from the Jordanian-Syrian borders. He added that the blast caused slight injury to Issa Shtat, Jihad Ebeidat, Faiza Ahmad, Hussein Mtawe’ and Amjad Ebeidat.

Al-Kilani said this terrorist attack aimed at targeting Jordanian and other supporters who stand against the aggression facing Syria, stressing that such acts will not intimidate the Jordanian supporters or make them change their position towards Syria.

The Jordanian figures participated in a symposium held on November 18-19 by the Arab Writers Union, the Jordanian Writers Association and the Jordanian Popular Committee for Supporting the Syrian people.

Terrorists’ mortar shells kill 3 civilians in Homs

SANA correspondent in Homs said that three civilians were martyred and 25 others were injured due to a mortar shell attack on Haj Atef Square in al-Mahatta (station) district in Homs.

Terrorist attacks in Damascus injure 6 civilians

Meanwhile, six civilians got wounded by mortar shells fired by terrorists in several neighborhoods in Damascus.

SANA reporter quoted a Damascus Police Command source as saying that four citizens were injured as a mortar shell landed in the surrounding of Bab Touma Square.

Two other shells, the source added, fell near the Russians’ Tower building and the Church of the Cross in al-Qassaa area and caused material damage without casualties among the citizens.

Two citizens were also wounded by shrapnel as a shell fell near the Real Estate Bank (Branch 17) in al-Qassaa. A number of cars were damaged by the shell.

The source also mentioned that a mortar shell fell in the surrounding of al-Abbassiyeen Square, while another landed near Hisham Sinan Hospital in Berniyeh Street. No one was hurt in the attacks.

A house in Masaken Barzeh neighborhood was hit by a shell that caused great material damage without casualties.


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SANA – 21/11/2013

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