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The opposition-held al-Yarmouk Camp, which is an area populated by Palestinian refugees in Damascus city, witnesses fierce battles between Palestinian factions operating there and other opposition militias like “al-Nusra” and “FSA”. In the latest chapter, the Palestinian factions managed to control strategic positions in the area; a Palestinian field source told Arabi Press that the Palestinian Committees seized control of more than 30% of the Camp including areas like Thirteen St. besides other strategic places.

The militants operating in the camp were reported to have sought a truce as tens of them started turning themselves in.

The narrow alleys and the closely-arrayed buildings made advances in the camp something hard to achieve; still, locating and discovering IEDs is another problem to be considered.

The wreckage and the burned buildings in the Camp make a fine evidence of the intensity with which battles raged.

Finally, and with respect to the truce-to-be, the source added that a third party endeavored to thwart possible plans of  the truce, especially that a commander  in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command was assassinated, the thing that, in turn, reignited fresh battles in the camp.

Arab Breaking News Arabi-Press – 21/11/2013

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