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Paris, (SANA) – The French website Atlantico revealed that there are sixteen foreign journalists that are either held hostage or missing in Syria, saying that terrorist groups are responsible for the abduction of foreign journalists.

The site quoted Soazig Dollet, an official from the Middle East & North Africa office at Reporters Without Borders, as saying that 4 French journalists, 2 Americans, a Spaniard, a Jordanian of Palestinian descent, a Lebanese, a Mauritanian and 6 other journalists have gone missing in Syria.

Dollet cited a report published by Reporters Without Borders which shows an increasing rate of abduction of foreign journalists in Syria corresponding with the growing influence of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which is affiliated to Al Qaeda, in some areas in Syria.

He said that ISIS members are deliberately targeting journalists and all those involved in mass media, whether foreign or Syrian, noting that since September or October, several jihadist forums have been encouraging the abduction of foreign journalists “for reasons that are not always obvious.”

Earlier, French journalist Jean-Pierre Perrin said in an article published by the newspaper Libération that most of the 20-25 Western people abducted in Syria, including journalists and relief workers, are being held hostage by ISIS, with abduction being carried out by ISIS and other extremist groups like Jabhat al-Nusra, leading to abduction becoming a “trade” carried out by other groups like the so-called “free army.”

Italian journalist Domenico Quirico, who was held hostage by terrorists in Syria, said that his abductors treated him like an animal, describing his captors as being confused youths who would follow anyone who promised them a better future and gave them weapons and money and who are halfway between religious extremists and thieves.


SANA/H.Sabbagh – 23/11/2013

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