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Syria has launched a case against Turkish PM Erdoğan for ‘‘providing support to terrorism’’ at the International Criminal Court, where Radovan Karadžić and Slobodan Milošević went on trial for massacring Bosnians.


Haytham El Menne, the General Coordinator of the National Opposition Coordination of Syria, has announced that he plans to sue Turkish PM Erdogan in the International Criminal Court. Menne met with Syrian expatriates in the US state of Chicago, where he said, “I accuse Erdoğan of having sent terrorists to Syria. I have sufficient information and documents.” The official complaint of Menna, who has been considered one of the leading opposition figures in the Western World, will likely lead to considerable problems for the AKP government on the international level.

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“We are in a fight with those who do not want a political solution. Our goal is to question the legitimacy of the regional states that support armed terrorist groups,” Menna said in a statement on the related issue. “Our expectations from the permanent members of the UN Security Council is to provide support to our project to remove the armed terrorist groups from Syria. Earlier I was the one who made a great effort for the al-Nusra terror organization to be added to the list of terrorist organizations. Before the elections on June 2011, Erdoğan was only standing next to the Syrian opposition. But after establishing his Government, he began to openly support terrorist groups. Therefore, I have never visited Turkey. The Government of Erdogan owns a devastating and expansionist ‘neo-Ottoman’ mentality instead of one focussed on the European Union and regional associations.”

Significant developments before the Geneva Conference

The timing of the application is remarkable. This is the second application related to PM Erdogan after the complaint of Syria claiming that Turkey is a “country that supports terrorism”. The application of the National Coordination Committee, which is accepted by groups outwith the US-backed Syrian “opposition”, is being assessed as an important development that will cause a major problem for the AKP. A second important issue in terms of timing is the fact that the application is being done during the preparation process of the Geneva 2 Conference, during which the political solution in Syria will be discussed.

Application from Syria to the UN

Syria’s Foreign Ministry had already previously asked the United Nations (UN) to launch an investigation against Turkey for “supporting terrorism”. According to Hediye Levent, The BBC’s Damascus correspondent, the report sent to Syria’s Permanent Representative to the UN on November 7 from Damascus included instructions to make the necessary applications to the counter-terrorism units of the UN. The material used in the chemical attack performed by the opposition in Syria was supplied from Turkey and then smuggled into Syria. Thus, the claims accuses Turkey of “providing support to terrorism”.

Who is Haytham Al Menna?

Dr. Haytham al-Menna has served in several international human rights organizations. Among these are the Syrian Human Rights and Democratic Freedoms Committee, the International Federation of Human Rights, the Arab Human Rights Activists. He is currently the spokesman of the Arab Commission for Human Rights. He was presented an award by Human Rights Watch in 1992. The full name of the organization that Menna is serving as an overseas coordinator in is the National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change in Syria, and this was established during the 2011 protests in Syria. This is a 3rd opposition organization outside the Qatar and Istanbul based organizations. This organization opposes foreign intervention and terrorist actions and took place in the first protests against Syrian Government.
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The whole world had watched Turkeys role of CIA in Hatay and Bandar bin-Satan traveling to Turkey to watch over and aid his terrorists in Turkey. We have seen Turkey arrest mercenaries with tons of sarin nerve gas heading to Syria, terrorist attacks carried out in Turkey against innocent people. The world has witnessed Turkeys role in the Syrian conflict. Without Turkeys role in aiding terrorism the way it has, there would be no terrorists in Syria killing anyone. Without the wests lying media war, this would have been over a long time ago. Erdogan has crawled in bed with Bandar bin-Satan and should be held responsible personally for his role.


“Erdogan, you can deny your role in this proxy war on Syria all you want, but the world has witnessed otherwise.
A REAL leader, a REAL man would have stood up to Saudi and the west, and refused to take part in the killing of his neighbor, PERIOD!
You deserve nothing less than a trial in the ICC with a shoe in your mouth alongside your bed partner Bandar bin-Satan”.



posted by Nevaewest, 23/11/2013