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Bibi Netanyahu seems to be throwing a big fit and running to cry on Saudi’s shoulder (maybe the only entity left that will listen to him whine). 

Benjamin Netanyahu

Reports now show Israels involvement in the attack on the USS Liberty, the assassination of the US President John F. Kennedy, the September 11, 2001 attack on the twin towers in the USA, the use of white phosphorus in Gaza in Operation Cast Lead in 2009, continues to build settlements on Palestinian land against international law, refuses to sign a non proliferation treaty, AND has broke 62 international laws to name a few.


I know you know the definition of “diplomacy” dont you Bibi? Its when you sit down an discuss ways of coming to peaceful terms with others. You cannot be the bully on the playground your entire life without expecting a match one day. Change happens and you come on board, or you play alone. Nothing stays the same and every bully meets his match.


You cannot use the same old rhetoric about not allowing the Jews to be massacred AGAIN, while you yourself call for massacres. You cannot call for others not to have clean nuclear power while you produce every nuclear warhead you possibly can. What, are you over 200 now if we count the newly acquired submarines? You have nuclear weapons, chemical weapons AND biological weapons yet you refuse to welcome a country and countries people to advance in energy? A country who has not started a war in how many hundreds of years? Unlike Israel.

Lucky for you I am not in charge of your future. Gone would be the days of “foreign aid” and kissing your ass. Power has went to your head, and its not pretty. I wonder if thinking like a decent human being is even in you any longer, or if you enjoy the misery you spread on others. I tend to believe the latter as actions speak louder than words. “KINDNESS” is a great word, try looking it up! When is the same old cries for war going to end Bibi? The world is getting sick of it. Leaders of other nations need to ban together if only to stop you and your criminal behavior and your crimes against humanity. Who do you think you are? Gone should be the days where you can speak like this and get away with it. You need to be held accountable for your actions, as does Israel.

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The world wants peace, even in the Middle East. You are working double-time making as many enemies as you can as fast as you can. You cant even practice what you preach. Is this a “do as I say not as I do” world for you? Are we all on the planet Bibi? Must you be the Bully that cant stop bullying? You know, the one who speaks the most usually has the least to say.

PEACE, TOLERANCE, UNDERSTANDING OF HUMANKIND, KINDNESS, COMPASSION are a few things needed in the Middle East. You need to learn to practice this with all your neighbors, or the ugly reality of war will be upon you and your country as well.  We only have one planet, and we all need to share and live among one another. Believe it or not, Israelis will bleed red blood like the rest of us!