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“Syria, the land of heavenly messages, home of prophets and saints is confronting a barbaric war, launched by extremist takfiri gangs which target its present, future, historic and civilized heritage and its position as a symbol of peace, amity and coexistence”,

Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in two identical messages sent to President of the UN Security council and the UN Secretary General.

“As a result of the extremist fatwas which have no relation to the tolerant Islamic principles, issued by sheikhs of sedition, sponsored by known countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia, several terrorist al-Qaeda-linked organizations target Syria as a state and people through suicide terrorist explosions as well as random shelling against the safe neighborhoods with mortar which claim the lives of many civilians everyday with no distinguishing among man, woman, child or elder,” the Ministry said.

The message added that it has been a motive of concern, during the latest three months, that the terrorist groups have systematically targeted the Christians in the region in general, and in Syria in particular through striking neighborhoods populated by Syrian citizens of the Christian religion followers in Damascus and Aleppo with mortar shells, launched heavily and daily to target the citizens’ houses and properties, schools, churches and the worship places in those neighborhoods in order to terrifying them and pushing them leave home.

It went on to say that those random shells have claimed the lives of a number of innocent students and teachers, synchronizing with targeting the neighborhoods in the main cities with repeated attacks on a number of villages in Damascus, Homs countryside of Christian majority like the attacks, looting and destruction of houses in Maaloula, Saddad and Dir Attiyeh.

The Ministry was astonished at some countries’ silence over those terrorist crimes against the unarmed civilians, those countries which pretend commitment to the Syrian people’s interests; nevertheless, they offer logistic, military and financial support to the terrorist groups.

“At the same time when the Syrian government affirms that the national dialogue among the Syrians, without any foreign intervention, is the only guarantee to enable the Syrian people, who are the owners of the constitutional right in self-determination and the election of their leadership through ballot boxes, it has repeatedly affirmed readiness to participate in Geneva conference and make it a success and in a way that guarantees the respect for the Syrian people’s choices… at the same time it stresses the Syrian state’s commitment to practice its constitutional duty in protecting its citizens, as Muslims and Christians, from the crimes of armed terrorist groups,” the message said.

The Foreign Ministry added that it goes without saying that combating terrorism which targets the Syrian people is decisive to make any peaceful solution to the crisis in the country a success and to give the political process credibility at the Syrian citizens, as the halt of violence requires from the countries involved in supporting terrorists, mainly Saudi Arabia and Qatar, turkey and other known countries like France to prevent from offering any form of logistic, financial or military support, sheltering or training those groups.

It concluded by saying that Syria hopes the UN Security Council to play a pivotal role in combating plots aiming at evacuating the Middle East from its Christian citizens who are deeply-rooted in this region, and warning against the grave dangers of those plots on the national unity in a number of regional countries.

“Fighting the extremist doctrines and pressuring the countries which support the armed terrorist groups is the only way to preserve this diversity, which has long been the source of Syria’s successive civilizations and power,” the message said.


SANA/Mazen Eyon – 26/11/2013

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