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Damascus Countryside, (SANA)- A number of Internal Security Forces truants handed over themselves to authorities in Damascus Countryside to benefit from the amnesty decree no. 70 for 2013.


Meeting the truants, Damascus Countryside Police Command got acquainted with their circumstances and the reasons that prompted their leaving service, and decided to reinstate them in their work after dropping penalty for avoiding service.

Commander Maj. Gen. Abdul-Razzaq al-Mutleq stressed complete readiness to take all necessary measures to settle the file of all those who were mislead and then turned themselves in to authorities.

Some of the truants stressed in the meeting that they left service out of fear of the armed gangs’ threats against them and their families.

In Lattakia, 39 Internal Security Forces truants handed themselves over to authorities in Lattakia to benefit from the amnesty decree no. 70 for 2013.

Lattakia governor, Ahmad Sheikh Abdul Kader, who met the truants, said that Syria will always embrace all the Syrians who must defend and preserve it against aggressors and the takfiri thought that is alien to the nature of the Syrian people.

The governor urged the security forces’ members who had their file settled to play their role in their units as to help the Syrian army in defending Syria.

The truants expressed readiness to build their homeland and defend it against the armed terrorist groups wreaking havoc in Syria.