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Damascus, (SANA)- Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faissal Mikdad reaffirmed that the Syrian people are the only decision-makers regarding their political future.

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In an interview with the CNN, Mikdad noted that the Syrian government has decided to put everything that it and the opposition could agree on to the Syrian people in a referendum.

He criticized the opposition as it seems to be living in a different era, saying “Those people come from the middle ages and they are against democracy and elections..they are also against the Syrian territorial integrity and the Syrian people.”

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(Wahhabi “FREEDOM”)

Mikdad highlighted that the opposition is afraid of the people and their decision and aware of the fact that it suffers from isolation and does not enjoy the people’s support.

He derided the proposals put forth by the opposition abroad as preconditions for attending the Geneva 2 conference, particularly with regard to demanding that the Syrian leadership step down.

The Deputy Foreign Minister affirmed that the Syrian government is ready to discuss any issue on the Geneva 2 table.

As for the calls for releasing detainees and allowing access of humanitarian aid to some areas, Mikdad said such measures have to be discussed in line with the law and system in Syria, stressing that the blame in the humanitarian issue should be placed on the terrorist groups that have been blocking the UN from accessing those areas.

Syrian stressed Wednesday in an official statement that it intends to take part in Geneva 2 conference with an official delegation representing the Syrian state and provided with the directions of President Bashar al-Assad.

The statement expressed Syria’s welcome of the announced date set for the conference on January 22 and highlighted that the delegation will be carrying the Syrian people’s demands, on top is the elimination of terrorism.