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Damascus, (SANA)- Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham said those who call themselves an opposition and the tools implementing the conspiracy against Syria are rejecting the political solution and going for the ballot boxes because they do not have a popular base.


During a meeting on Thursday with a Brazilian delegation including party, cultural, media and human rights figures, al-Laham said those sides are seeking support of the colonialist countries and encouraging aggression on Syria as they aim to make personal gains at the expense of the homeland and the Syrian people.

He stressed that Syria’s steadfastness in the face of the conspiracy has been bolstered by the culture of co-existence among its social spectra and it having its own national independent decision.

The Speaker added that the fact that the Syrian army reflects the diversity of the Syrian society that is opposed to terrorism and extremism has supplied it with extra power to face the takfiri terrorist mercenary groups which come from over 80 countries from all over the world.

He slammed the Saudi regime which he said is the hub of world terrorism and extremist thinking for supplying the terrorists in Syria with funds in coordination with the U.S. administration.

While lashing out at the Saudi support for terrorist groups, al-Laham hailed the role of the BRICS countries, which include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, in standing by the Syrian people and resisting world imperialism.

For their part, the Brazilian delegation members considered that the Syrian people’s struggle against and victory over imperialism is a victory for all the peoples who fight for freedom all over the world.

They expressed the Brazilian government and political forces’ rejection of foreign interference in the Syrian issue, stressing the Syrians’ right to solve their problems by themselves.

The delegation handed the logo of the Brazilian Workers Confederation to the People’s Assembly Speaker in expression of their appreciation of the Syrian parliamentary institution in backing the issues of workers.

PM al-Halqi reaffirms Syria’s intention to go to Geneva II without preconditions

Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi reaffirmed Syria’s intention to go to Geneva II conference without preconditions as to realize the aspirations of the Syrian people.

During his meeting on Thursday with a Brazilian delegation comprising political, party, intellectual, cultural, media and human rights figures, al-Halqi underlined the role of Brazilian parties and popular organizations in their support for the Syrian people who ”are standing united against international terrorism and fighting it on behalf of the whole world.”

”The epic steadfastness of the Syrian people has given birth to a new international political pole that restored international balances and respect for the international legitimacy and laws,” PM al-Halqi pointed out.

Al-Halqi hailed the deep-rooted relations between the Syrian and Brazilian people that grew deeper following the visit of President Bashar al-Assad to Brazil in 2010, based on their belief in the human justice and respect for international laws and the UN Charter.

Premier al-Halqi expressed appreciation for the stances of Brazil and BRICS countries in support of Syria, stressing Syria’s desire to bolster cooperation and invigorate health, cultural, scientific, and industrial and tourist mutual agreements.

Al-Halqi praised the role of the Syrian community in Brazil in building bridges of communication and cultural exchange between Brazil and their motherland, Syria.

Al-Halqi indicated that the armed terrorist groups have systemically vandalized infrastructure, robbed industrial facilities, hospitals, and health centers and sabotaged power plants to undermine the Syrian state and bring the Syrian people to their knees.

The Syrian government is keen to restore security and stability for all the Syrian citizens, al-Halqi said, “hand in hand with dialogue and national reconciliation.”

The delegation members, for their part, voiced solidarity with Syria against the fierce campaign targeting it led by international l imperialism.