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Tehran, (SANA) – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said that Iran and Turkey are in agreement on establishing security and stability in Syria, expelling terrorists from it, and ending the crisis peacefully.


Meeting Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Wednesday, Rouhani said that the solution to the crisis in Syria cannot be a military solution; rather it should be through dialogue and negotiations between the government and the opposition.

Rouhani said that the two sides agreed to work to “stop the war and Syria and returned the displaced” and stressing the need for promoting tolerant Islam.

For his part, Davutoglu underlined the importance of Iran participating in the international conference on Syria “Geneva 2” and acknowledged that foreign interference in Syria isn’t in the region’s interest.

Zarif: We agreed with Turkey to push for political solution in Syria

Iran’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif said Iran and Turkey have convergent views on the impossibility of a military solution to the crisis in Syria and the importance that all influential sides cooperate to seek a political solution to the crisis there.

During a joint press conference with Davutoglu in Tehran on Wednesday, Zarif said that ”all endeavors should get focused on ending conflicts and reaching a ceasefire in Syria before Geneva 2 is convened if possible,” affirming that Iran and Turkey will do their part in this regard.

Zarif expressed concern over a widening scope of violence in the region, indicating that his country is following with concern the developments in Syria.

Zarif urged for cooperation to deliver humanitarian assistance to the Syrian people who are in the grip of “sorrowful events,” affirming that the Iranian and Turkish Red Cross Committees will cooperate in this regard.

Davutoglu spoke about ”dire conditions facing the Syrian people,” pretending to have forgotten that his country was behind exporting terrorism to Syria.

Davutoglu moved to talk about the necessity that “all sides commit to a ceasefire for making Geneva 2 a success.”