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Saudi Arabia and Israel are fomenting chaos across the Middle East as they are the key beneficiaries to any regional instability, a political analyst writes at Press TVwebsite.


“Saudi Arabia, as well as Israel, stand to gain from the wave of terrorism hitting the region, as that violence foments sectarianism and fragments popular democratic movements,” Finian Cunningham wrote in a Tuesday article.

“The Saudi and Zionist regimes, based on despotism and divisiveness, have most to lose if peace and democracy were to flourish in the region,” he added.

Many of the regional countries, including Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Lebanon have been grappling with a growing wave of violence on a daily basis caused by extremist Takfiri and Salafi groups in the region.

The analyst pointed to Saudi Arabia’s sponsoring and arming of extremist mercenary groups with hundreds of millions of dollars, adding, “These Wahhabi terror networks, which are killing dozens of civilians daily in Syria and Iraq, have been set up by senior figures in the House of Saud, including the kingdom’s intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan.”

In a new phase of terrorist attacks in the region, two blasts outside the Iranian Embassy in the southern neighborhood of Janah in the Lebanese capital city of Beirut left over two dozen people dead, including six Iranian nationals, and wounded over 150 others.

Lebanon has identified the two, Lebanese national Mouin Abu Daher and Adnan Mousa Mohammad, a Palestinian from the Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp near Sidon, both with links to Salafi Sheikh Ahmed al-Assir.

Press TV