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Damascus, (SANA) _President Bashar al-Assad on Thursday issued the legislative decree No. 71 for the year 2013, extending the period granted to those who have breached the military duty law, and the internal escape to benefit from the General Amnesty of decree No.70 for 2013.


The decree extends the period by thirty days starting from November 30, 2013.

Minister of Justice Najm al-Ahmad said that extending the duration of some rules of decree No.70 was because of the great turnout by citizens to make use of the rules of the decree and in order to pave the way for the biggest number of the citizens to settle their cases.

“Thousands of persons have given themselves up to the authorities and their cases were settled according to the rules of the decree,” al-Ahmad said in an interview with the Syrian TV, calling on the citizens who wish to return to the correct homeland way to give up to a near military or police unit post to settle their cases.

He added that decree No71 didn’t include the external escape cases as they still have time according to decree No.70 which granted them 90 days to surrender and make use of its rules.