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Idleb, (SANA)- Fourteen persons who had fled military service turned themselves in to authorities in Idleb on Friday so as to have their file settled according to the amnesty decree no. 70 for 2013.


A source in Idleb province said all those who surrendered themselves had their file settled in a way that they can be reinstated in their work and go back to their places of duty after penalties for leaving service were dropped.

Most of the deserters stressed that they were forced to flee military service under threats by gunmen.

On Thursday, a number of Internal Security Forces truants handed over themselves to authorities in Damascus Countryside, while 39 others surrendered themselves in Lattakia. All of the fleeing members had their file settled based on the amnesty decree.

Later on Thursday, President Bashar al-Assad issued the legislative decree No. 71 for the year 2013, extending the period granted to those who have breached the military duty law, and the internal escape to benefit from the General Amnesty of decree No.70 for 2013.

The decree extends the period by thirty days starting from November 30, 2013.