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Damascus, (SANA) – The authorities arrested terrorist Khaled Ismail al-Wesi who admitted to taking part in the two terrorist bombings which took place in Jarmana on November 28th, 2012, claiming the lives of over 100 citizens.


In confessions broadcast by the Syrian TV on Friday, 23 year-old al-Wesi said that when the events in Syria began, his cousins and some of his friends tried to talk him into participating in protests, and at first he refused but agreed to do so after they threatened him.

He was tasked by a man called Hussein al-Mubarak with recording protests, and he did so using a camera provided by al-Mubarak who later introduced him to Anas and Ahmad al-Mashtuli who manufacture explosive devices and told him to work with them.

Al-Wesi said he delivered two IEDs made from small gas cylinders to Sayyedeh Zeinab area, and the devices were detonated while he was on his way back from delivering them.

Two days after this, he and his cohorts rigged explosive devices, with al-Wesi himself rigging 30 devices, and 15 days later they met Anas al-Mashtuli who showed them videos of terrorist attacks carried out by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) and told them that they should prepare to do similar attacks against “those who oppose them, don’t follow Islam and stand against jihad.”

Al-Wesi and the three other terrorists took weapons and rode in two cars rigged with explsoves, then they headed from Hejjeira to Aqraba then to the Airport road before using a dirt road to reach Jaramana, then Anas drove the first car alone into Jaramana, then came back and detonated it remotely.

The terrorist said that they waited until people flocked to the site of the bombings and ambulances and fire trucks arrived, then they drove the second car into Jaramana where Anas instructed him to steal a getaway car, and he broke into a car and hotwired it and picked up his cohorts and drove away, and then once they passed a certain distance Anas detonated the second car bomb remotely.

Al-Wesi concluded by saying that afterwards, they hid in Anas’s house, and the latter put Al Qaeda flags on a car and drove around in it, boasting about the crime they committed using loudspeakers.