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 A Syrian wounded in fighting within Syria is carried into Rambam Hospital in the northern Israeli city of Haifa (Reuters)

Terrorist wounded in Syria, fighting against the Syrian Arab Army, is carried into Rambam Hospital (Haifa) by Zionist military forces in the north  area of the Palestinian Occupied Territories (photo by Reuters)


“Yediot Aharonot” and “Haaretz” newspapers have revealed in the last weeks that thousands of mercenaries and terrorists, Zionist-Jihadists gunmen injured in Syria, some of them in critical condition, have been rushed to the Israeli hospitals.

The Israeli media calls those injured terrorists by “Syrian injuries” to meet the strict instructions of its government and its army, in this regard in an attempt to encrypt the military and the material supply provided by Israeli authorities, to the terrorist groups in Syria.

These mercenary gangsters have been delivered to three different hospitals inside the Occupied Palestian Territories. They are Nehraya and Zef, in Safad, and Borya hospital, in Tabaraya.

But, according to the Tel Aviv newspapers, a considerable number of the terrorists and gunmen have been received initial treatments in field hospitals set up by Zionist military forces for this purpose near the Syrian border.


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