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Moroccan mercenary father who reportedly took his five sons to wage the mercenary fake-jihadist in Syria ~ Photo by @REYADIRAQ


A Family at Work…Against Global Unemployment... : Father Takes Five Sons To Join Syrian Mercenary Terrorist Groups

Ahmed al-Sha’ara, a Takfiri Moroccan mercenary, took his sons across Europe and through Turkey before joining up with mercenaries jihadists forces fighting against Syrian people, Syrian Arab Army and the legitimate President Bashar al-Assad, the Egyptian ‘al-Aram’ website has reported.

Among them Osama, 13, who had earlier accompanied his father on demonstrations in Tangiers (Morocco), against the jailing of Salafists Muslims.

The family would support a large family groups from across the Takfiri world travelling to Syria.

Shiraz Maher, researcher at the King’s College in London said: “We have seen a lot of families coming from the Caucuses and from central Asia, and many of them include infant children. We are seeing at least one family a month cross to Syria”.

“I think it is a matter of time until we start seeing European women going over to Syria. There is currently a huge amount of interaction online between jihadis in Syria and women from European countries. The jihadis advertise this, they say it’s fine for men to bring their families along.” 

“The families who go to Syria form a sort of home front. The women feed the fighters and indoctrinate the children to create the next generation of fighters. Their function is also to populate an area the jihadists have taken as a means of consolidating control.”

Intelligence sources reported that British ‘jihadists’ make up the largest contingent of about 1,000 Westerners fighting with fake-Islamist and mercenary groups supported by Saudi Arabia, who is itself backed by Mossad & CIA intelligence agencies.


News partially taken from: ChainsOff

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