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CIA-Backed Mercenaries

Ar-Raqqah lives under al-Qaeda reign of terror

Making no exception to several areas taken over by al-Qaeda-linked terrorists, the locals of Ar-Raqqah city in eastern Syria are leading a nightmarish life marked by terror, destruction and death visited upon them by takfiris who continue to stream from all corners of the world.

The scarcity of reports about the barbaric practices of terrorists against the locals notwithstanding, leaked information depict gruesome chapters of a story about terrorists insulating the city from media spotlight and taking locals as human shields, painting a stark picture of a city that was taken back to medieval eras where violence and bloodshed reign supreme.

A report published by Reuters on Thursday casts light on a tip of the iceberg of the situation there, recounting scenes and incidents that add up to a bleak picture of a life strangled by terrorists.

The report describes a city robbed of its former tranquility. Raqqa awoke to a new era that brought the curtain down on decades of peace and security to find itself in the grip of takfiri terrorist groups who turned public buildings into detention centers, cut off electricity and prohibited the selling of tobacco for it contravenes the teachings of Islam as they claim.

“They also closed the universities saying that because women are also taking lessons there it should be shut,” Reuters quoted one of the locals as saying.


The terrorists, according to the report, have not spared worshipping places as they torched many, even turning some into torture centers. A photo of a church in Raqqa being transformed into a headquarter for terrorists went viral on social networks.

Among the most harrowing scenes of horror in Raqqa have been public executions in the city’s main square, the report says, that are primarily intended to instill fear in order to quell any sign of protest that Raqqa locals may venture to display.

The locals, who say that they know little if anything about the terrorists in their city, maintain that the terrorist groups fighting under the banner of the Western-backed “Free Army” were preoccupied with robbery and ”lining their own pockets,” while al-Qaeda has been creeping slowly until it took over the whole city.

Until Raqqa eventually returns to the homeland by the Syrian army, the locals of Raqqa are lulled by sweet memories of bygone times when they lived in peace and freedom, in the hopes that it won’t be long before normalcy is restored to their city.


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