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Mass in Homs for the return of the kidnapped.

A mass was held at the Church of the Annunciation in Homs for the return of the two abducted bishops; Greek Orthodox Boulos Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Yohanna Ibrahim, the nuns of Tecla convent and all the kidnapped.


During the mass which was held with the participation of religious, popular and civil figures, the prayers called for releasing the #kidnapped_all_over_Syria and returning them to their families, hoping peace and security would prevail in the country.

#Talal_Barazi, Homs Governor, said that the abduction is a state of moral deterioration and degeneration, carried out by “mercenaries who are supported by colonial, criminal countries.”

For his part, Patriarch of Rome Orthodox in Homs and the vicinity George Abu Zakhim, said that today’s mass was held for the sake of each kidnapped in Syria, affirming that the Christians would defend their land and soil.

#Homs_Mufti, #Fatahallah_al-Qadi, added that the #Syrian_people with all its spectrums live together, saying that the terrorists will not be able to affect what the Syrians have built throughout history of morals, tolerance and coexistence.



Grand Mufti: Syria exposed to fierce campaign to discourage it from firm stances

#Grand_Mufti of the Republic, Dr. #Ahmad_Badreddin_Hassoun underlined the role of teachers in raising generations to confront the challenges facing the Arab nation.

During his meeting on Saturday with the solidarity delegation comprising more than 40 officials from teachers’ unions and syndicates in Mauritania, Palestine, Yemen and Lebanon, Hassoun said that Syria is exposed to a fierce campaign to discourage it from its firm principles.

The Mufti referred to the perils threatening the Arab nation, calling for warding off the campaign that is targeting the nation’s capabilities.

The delegation members, for their part, said they came to Syria to show support to it against the conspiracy.



Patriarch John X Yazigi of Antioch and All the East for Greek Orthodox Church said dialogue is the sole way for security and stability to return to Syria.

#Patriarch_John_X_Yazigi_of_Antioch_and_All_the_East remarks came during a religious mass held at the Mariamite Cathedral in Damascus on Sunday for the release of the abducted bishops and nuns.

Yazigi said that the tough circumstances in Syria will make the Syrians cling even stronger to their land. Yazigi called for releasing the abducted bishops and nuns, hoping the kidnappers “will listen the voice of conscience.”

Later in the day, Yazigi met members of the executive bureau of the General Union of Syrian Women. Chairwoman of the Union, Majida Ktait held the international community; the US, France and Britain in particular, responsible for the crime of abduction, urging for an international outcry over the vicious crimes of terrorists in Syria.



Cardinal al-Rai: We are praying for peace in Syria, Iraq and Egypt

#Cardinal_Mar_Beshara_Boutros_al-Rai, #Maronite_Patriarch_Antioch_and_All_East called for finding appropriate means for realizing a just and comprehensive peace in the region.

During a religious mass he led at the Church of the Resurrection at the Maronite Patriarchate in Bkerke, al-Rai said ”we are praying for peace in #Syria, #Iraq, #Egypt and the entire #Middle_East.”

Cardinal al-Rai urged for serious efforts by the countries involved in the crisis in Syria to release the abducted bishops in Aleppo and return the kidnapped nuns to their monastery.



Patriarch Laham calls for releasing Maaloula nuns and all other abductees

#Greek_Melkite_Catholic_Patriarch_of_Antioch_and_All_the_East #Gregory_III_Laham reiterated calls for releasing the nuns from St. Thecla Convent in Maaloula along with all other people abducted by terrorists in Syria.

In an interview given to the Lebanese channel NBN on Saturday, Patriarch Laham said that the safest place for the nuns to be is their convent in #Maaloula, saying any discussion of this is unacceptable, and adding that asking for bargains in exchange for the nuns’ release means that they’re abductees.

He stressed that the nuns must be released unconditionally and delivered safely to Greek Orthodox of Antioch and All the East John X Yazigi.

The Patriarch said that armed groups should abandon their weapons and embrace dialogue, stressing that while destroying churches constitutes grievous harm, but the greater harm is allowing hatred, malice and vengeance to enter the hearts of people, adding “rebuilding churches and mosques is easier than building trust, love and solidarity.”

He also demanded that the countries which sent armed groups to Syria take them back to wherever they came from, concluding by voicing hope that the ordeal of Syria will end soon.


Syrian Arab News Agency – 9/12/2013

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