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The meeting last week in Moscow between Putin and Bandar was cloaked in media silence and nothing transpired to the rest of the world about it until Al Manar once again published “leaks” giving the details in the article attached. These again are “leaks” from a “close and reliable source” in Russia. It is quite obvious that after the abysmal failure of Bandar’s first visit to Putin back in August, and after his sheer disappointment that the U.S did not manage to strike Syria, he went to Russia again with a revised agenda in a desperate attempt to gain some face-saving scores in order to save him from utter humiliation both domestically and overseas.


The article is written by Daoud Rammal and covers basically these points:

Basically Bandar had the audacity to go back and tell Putin that he agrees that when Geneva II is convened Al Assad should remain as President during this interim period on condition that the administrative power is put in the hands of an interim government which shall represent all factions, loyalists and opposition, on condition that it is headed by the opposition. During this period Saudi Arabia wishes that the Russian leadership puts pressure on Assad in order that he does not call for Presidential elections in 2014 and that he stays in power during this interim period until a new Constitution is written and approved, after which general and Presidential elections can be held. He also said Saudi Arabia is prepared to take into consideration contributing to the cost of rebuilding Syria.

Putin’s answer to Bandar was:

  • Syria is scoring a lot of victories and that the opposition that is armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey are facing defeat.

*The armed forces supported by Saudi Arabia have nothing to do with the opposition that wants democratic changes and, if anything, their intervention has destroyed that opposition.

*The armed forces that you refer to as opposition is in our view nothing more than terrorists and the true opposition is represented by civilians.

*Neither us nor the Syrians need Saudi Money to rebuild Syria.

*Allies of Syria whether it is ourselves, Iran or China have enough technical and financial prowess which enables them to rebuild Syria to be better than what it was.

*The Russian Federation and the United States have reached a stable and final understanding about the situation in Syria and the region, and the American side is equally as convinced as we are that Takfiri terrorism represents a danger to the American security as well as to Russian and global security.

*Europe has come very close to understanding the American position and voices are starting to get heard in fear of the terrorists returning to Europe after they have allowed them to leave to go to Syria.

*We advise you, as we advise all of those who are opposing the peaceful and political resolution in Syria to change your policies and stop sectarian instigations and supporting terrorism, because it is a double edged sword that will rebound inside Saudi Arabia and gather momentum in a manner that you will not be able to control.

*Your current position and your constitution do not put you in the right position to take a leading role in changing other nations regimes and establishing human rights for as long as your own people suffer from a lack of political, religious and information freedom and, women have not earned yet the most simple of their rights.

(Translated/Interpreted by Intibah and Ghassan)

Originally Reported By Almanar.com