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(Ahlul Bayt News Agency) – According to al-Watan Arabic language newspaper the advertisement embodies a telephone number belonging to someone enlisted as being a “family counselor,” to help those who are interested.

Al-Watan reported that some social network activists have called the advertisement a form of trade, taking advantage of the crisis in Syria and the basic needs of Syrian refugees.

According to the ad, the asking money for every Syrian girl is 10,000 Saudi rials.

Saudi Arabia has been a strong financial and military supporter of the war in Syria that has already taken more than 120,000 lives.

Syrian refugee girls are falling victim to men from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan, is increasingly spreading, especially in Jordan refugee camps.

There are agent-like people known for brokering a deal that sometimes sell a girl for as much as 300 dollars.

On November 27, Human Rights Watch (HRW) voiced concern about the safety of female refugees fleeing the violence in Syria. The organization said they had been sexually abused in Lebanon refugee camps.



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