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Syrian Army troops to storm Yabroud area within hours to free the village, people and nuns of Maaloula, hostages in the hands of foreign-backed terrorists.

Syrian government troops are expected to storm the foreign-backed mercenaries stronghold of Yabroud, near the Lebanese border, within hours, a report by Al-Watan daily newspaper said Sunday.

The Al-Watan report quoted sources from the town, saying that the Syrian Arab Army is now prepared to launch a military operation to regain control of Yabroud.

The paper quoted the sources as saying that Syrian national troops were advancing quickly both on the outskirts and inside the Syrian town located in the Qalamoun region.

Syrian Arab Armed Forces launched an offensive last month on the Qalamoun region to cut off terrorists supply routes from Lebanon.

Yabroud has been under the control of foreign mercenary militias since few months now, and has served as a weapons & stolen goods smuggling-hub for foreign backed mercenaries & terrorist.

It is also the town where the group of nuns seized last month by terroristic groups in the historic Maaloula are prisoners in the hands of ‘jihadists’ wahhabi/salafi criminal gangs.

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