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Foreign Ministry wonders at US intention to hold talks with Islamic Front terrorist group

A spokesman for the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry on Wednesday expressed the Ministry’s wonder at the recent statements made by US officials on the US’s intention to hold talks with the so-called Islamic Front terrorist group to discuss alleged “non-lethal” assistance to the group and encourage it to engage in Geneva 2 conference as to achieve broad representation of the “Syrian opposition,” as the statements claimed.

The Foreign Ministry’s spokesman said in a statement that this “denounced” stance, expressed in statements made by the US Secretary of State and US State Department spokesperson, “shows the US’s failure to form a delegation of the various spectra of the opposition to attend Geneva conference.”

This position of the US, the spokesman added, contravenes its responsibilities in its position as a UN Security Council member to implement and comply with the Council’s resolutions related to counterterrorism.

The statement said the US stance contradicts the international commitments which stipulate that the Geneva conference will not allow the participation of terrorist organizations.

The Foreign Ministry’s spokesman said the Islamic Front, which includes a group of armed terrorist groups, agrees in thought, strategy and goals with Jabhat al-Nusra and its takfiri principles based on wahhabi fatwas.

The spokesman said that the Islamic Front announced its goal of establishing an Islamic emirate through terrorist acts and with the support of foreign terrorists, and the Front’s leaders do not hesitate to admit to the crimes and terrorist acts they committed against Syrian citizens in several areas.

The spokesman drew attention to the statement made by Zahran Alloush, one of the leaders of the Islamic Front, in which he defended their relation with Jabhat al-Nusra, which is internationally categorized as a terrorist entity affiliated with Al Qaeda, and announced that they will be fighting alongside each other, thus showing the bonds between the two groups, bonds which were recently shown when the “Islam Army” – which is backed by the Saudi regime – took part alongside Jabhat al-Nusra in committing the massacre in Adra city on December 11th and murdered over 100 civilians.

The statement wondered how the US administration will justify to the public opinion the fact that it holds talks with Al Qaeda in Syria when this terrorist organization was responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center, and how it can justify its position given that it invaded Afghanistan with the pretext of counterterrorism, adding that the US should have read the charter of the Islamic Front before deciding to hold talks with it.

The Foreign Ministry’s spokesman asserted that Syria, which has affirmed its readiness to participate in the Geneva conference and help ensure its success to allow Syrians to hold talks and agree upon their country’s future, doesn’t see any legal or moral justification for having these terrorist organizations which are involved in shedding Syrian blood participate in the Geneva conference which is supposed to place counterterrorism at the top of its agenda instead of allowing takfiri, extremist terrorists attend the conference.


SANA – H. Said / H. Sabbagh – 18/12/2013

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