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Terrorist groups affiliated to Al Qaeda are constantly trying to brainwash children in Syria and turn them into killing machines, as shown by a video which surfaced recently on the internet.



The video shows children in northern Raqqa being forced by members of the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS) which is affiliated to Al Qaeda to undergo a “training seminar” titled “messages from the land of epics.”

The self-imposed teacher is shown instructing the children about what he calls “jihad” and making them recite “we are jihadists in the Levant and Iraq, we want jihad and we refuse to sit and do nothing” like parrots.



The video shows that terrorists give nicknames to the children, the oldest of which couldn’t be over 12, such as Abu Malek, Abu al-Sedeek, and Abu Abdelrahman, in an attempt to mislead children by implying that they have become men (the word “Abu” means “father of” in Arabic and is usually reserved for older adults) and employing names that have religious connotations to give the illusion that what their dark agendas are righteous.

It should be noted that the Syria Foreign Ministry sent letters to the UN-Secretary General and the head of the Security Council informing them of the crimes committed by terrorists against children in Syria, particularly their attempts to recruit and train them to fight, abducting them to extort ransoms from their parents, and mutilating their bodies.

Foreign news reports indicate that Al Qaeda established camps in northern Syria to train both adults and children to use weapons and make explosives and brainwash them to commit suicide attacks.

Earlier, a video titled “Ashbal al-Zarqawi” surfaced showing Syrian children being trained to bear arms by Al Qaeda.



Amnesty International: Kidnappings, torture, killings rife in ISIS-controlled areas

Beirut – Reports highlighting the enormity of the terrorist practices in Syria continue to stream in, with Amnesty International publishing a briefing that reports violations of al-Qaeda-linked groups in the areas under their control.

In the 18-page briefing, Rule of fear: ISIS abuses in detention in northern Syria, Amnesty International identifies seven detention facilities that Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) uses in al-Raqqa governorate and Aleppo.

Infamous for abductions, torture and killing at secret prisons it established, the al-Qaeda-linked Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) has earned notoriety in the areas it controls, often resorting to measures intended to quash any sign of dissent that the locals might venture to display.



Saudi, Qatari and Turkish regimes have been avowedly backing terrorists in Syria, pumping funds and weapons to them and facilitating their entry to the Syrian lands.

“Those abducted and detained by ISIS include children as young as eight who are held together with adults in the same cruel and inhuman conditions,” said Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s Director for the Middle East and North Africa.

“Former detainees describe a shocking catalogue of abuses in which they or others were flogged with rubber generator belts or cables, tortured with electric shocks or forced to adopt a painful stress position known as aqrab (scorpion), in which a detainee’s wrists are secured together over one shoulder,” the report said.

Several children were among detainees who received severe floggings, according to testimonies obtained by Amnesty International. On one occasion, an anguished father had to endure screams of pain as ISIS captors tormented his son in a nearby room. Two detainees related how they witnessed a child of about 14 receive a flogging of more than 90 lashes during interrogation at Sadd al-Ba’ath, an ISIS prison in al-Raqqa governorate.

Another child of about 14 who ISIS accused of stealing a motorbike was repeatedly flogged over several days, says the report.

Countries involved in the conspiracy against Syria are not budging on supporting terrorism, pledging instead to go all the way as several world and regional powers gear up for an international peace conference on Syria. Mincing no words, the Saudi ambassador in the UK, Mohammed bin Nawaf bin Abdulaziz al-Saud said his country is determined ”to go its own way” in arming terrorists in Syria.

Konstantin Dolgov – the Russian Foreign Ministry’s human rights commissioner said the Amnesty International’s report about ISIS practices emphasizes the necessity of putting pressure on gunmen by all countries.


Damascus, SANA – H. Sabbagh / M. Ismael

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