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Syria Arab Army inflicts heavy losses on foreign mercenaries across Syria

The Syrian army has kept up its operations against foreign-backed militants across the country, inflicting heavy losses on them.



(PressTV) 21/12/2013 – The army says it has killed a number of militants in the city of Duma near the Syrian capital Damascus.

Several members of the al-Qaeda-linked group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) are said to be among the dead.

The army also says several commanders of the terrorist al-Nusra Front group were killed in northwestern city of Idlib, near the border with Turkey.

In the northern city of Aleppo, government forces have attacked insurgent positions, inflicting heavy losses on them.

Meanwhile, the opposition says Syrian warplanes have pounded targets in the suburbs of the flashpoint city.


Syrian Army eliminates terrorists in different cities

(SANA) 21/12/2013 – Army units on Saturday carried out successful operations against armed terrorist groups in several areas, killing and injuring a number of terrorists and destroying their criminal tools and gatherings.

Army kills dozens of terrorists in Homs countryside

All members of armed terrorist groups were eliminated in al-Warsheh and al-Hamidiyeh neighborhoods and the area surrounding the national hospital in al-Karabis neighborhood, near Khadija al-Kobra school in al-Kusour and near al-Qasimi Mosque in Bab Hud neighborhood, a military source said.

The source added that army units destroyed terrorists’ hideouts in al-Dar al-Kabira, al-Ghasbiyeh, al-Khaldiyeh and Kafer Laha in al-Hula and in al-Ghajar in al-Rastan and Sahrij and al-Habra villages in the eastern countryside of Homs.

Dozens of terrorists were killed in a military operation against their hideouts surrounding the vocational school in al-Rastan, while another army unit eliminated a number of terrorists in Nakab area in al-Hosn town, among them terrorists Mustafa Erouk.

An army unit foiled terrorists attempt to detonate an explosive device attached to a car in front of a residential house in al-Arman neighborhood in Homs city.

Army destroys terrorists cars loaded with weapons in Aleppo countryside

A military source told SANA that scores of terrorists were killed and injured in Alliramoon, Maart al-Atrik, al-Mansourah, al-Rashidin, al-Hader, al-is, Minnig, Daret Azzah, Hiritan, Anadan aand Al-Ewijeh. A number of terrorists’ cars loaded with weapons and ammunition were also destroyed.

The source added that army units destroyed terrorists’ hideouts and cars in Bianon, to the west of Aleppo central prison, the industrial area, Hiyan, Mayer, Hritan in the northern countryside of Aleppo.

The source added that army units eliminated all members of armed terrorist groups in al-Inzarat roundabout and Bustan al-Kaser and al-Sukari neighborhoods in Aleppo city.

8 terrorists killed in Daraa countryside, their weapons destroyed

An army unit clashed with armed terrorist group surrounding Bilal al-Habashi Mosque in Daraa al-Balad, inflicting heavy losses upon the terrorists, a military source said.

The source told SANA that the clashes resulted in killing 8 terrorists, among them a sniper, and destroying their weapons and ammunition.



PressTV/SANA – 21/12/2013

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