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Prime Minister, Dr. Wael al-Halqi said

“Western countries and Arab regimes backing terrorists will pay a heavy price for their support to terrorist groups who are shedding the blood of the Syrians”.

During his meeting with an Australian solidarity delegation currently in Syria, al-Halqi pointed to the importance of such visits to convey the reality of what the Syrian people have been facing, hoping that the delegation will convey the true image as they experienced it first-hand to the public opinion.

Premier al-Halqi highlighted the political, military, ideological and economic dimensions of the war waged against Syria due to its support to resistance, indicating that Syria remains committed to its support to the Palestinian cause and its right to restore the occupied Golan.

The Syrian army is fighting terrorists coming from 83 countries, indoctrinated with extreme views that preach killing and violence, the Prime Minister affirmed.

He stressed that the Syrian economy has proved its resilience in the war that has targeted all its components, despite systematic sabotage of infrastructure, schools, universities and factories that have all failed to break the will of the Syrian people.

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The government is fully carrying out its duties as it is compensating for the crisis-hit families and providing makeshift centers for the displaced in parallel with the war against terrorism ahead of Geneva II conference.

Al-Halqi hailed the stances of the Australian people and national parties who have stood by the Syrian people, drawing a line between the popular and official public opinion in Australia and elsewhere around the world.

The delegation members, for their part, expressed regret over the participation of Australian citizens alongside the armed terrorist groups in Syria, affirming that they are determined to convey the reality of what they saw in Syria and the normal life they witnessed in Damascus.

The Australian delegation comprises activists from the “Hands Off Syria” movement and academic, media and political figures.

Higher Education Minister stresses importance of expatriates in featuring Syria’s human civilization

Higher Education Minister, Malik Ali, stressed the importance of the role of expatriates in featuring the Syrian human civilization that glorifies fraternity and opposes terrorism, considering the role of universities and educational institutions as basic for introducing values and morals and discarding violence and extremism.

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Meeting an Australian solidarity delegation, the Minister pointed out that the armed terrorist groups attacked the Syrian universities and sought to stop the life cycle in all fields, particularly in education, noting that 64 employees in the educational sector have been martyred so far, in addition to destroying and sabotaging a number of buildings.

For his part, head of the delegation, Professor Tim Anderson, said that students are the essential reserve for all genuine revolutions throughout history, while in Syria students, universities and hospitals are targeted by the terrorists.

Members of the delegation called for increasing the volume of cooperation between the Syrian and Australian universities.

They pointed out that the western and Australian media means did not shed light on the terrorist attacks on the educational sector and the suffering of students due to its role in changing the public opinion on the reality of what is going on in Syria.

Mikdad: Countries sponsoring terrorism fully responsible for humanitarian conditions of displaced civilians

Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Faissal Mikdad held the countries sponsoring terrorism, on top Saudi Arabia, Turkey and France fully responsible for the humanitarian conditions of civilians whom terrorists have driven out of their cities and villages.

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Meeting an Australian delegation comprising activists from the “Hands Off Syria” movement and academic, media and political figures on Saturday, headed by Prof. Tim Anderson, Mikdad stressed the Syrian government’s keenness on making Geneva II conference a success as to reach a political solution to the crisis in Syria.

”The counter-terrorism agreement in this regard will be a priority,” Mikdad asserted.

Prof. Tim Anderson, for his part, voiced solidarity with the Syrian people against the aggression targeting them by terrorists and the misleading propaganda campaign led by some political circles around the world.

Anderson affirmed that the delegation members and all Australian citizens are against supporting, arming and providing a safe haven for terrorists as “they go against democracy and the international law.”


SANA ~ M. Ismael/F. Allafi ~ 22/12/2013

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