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Syrian National Defence Forces are continuing their battles against Rothschild’s Wahhabi mercenaries in Adra.

Syrian Arab Army & National Defence Special Unit Forces are continuing their battles against Rothschilds’ Wahhabi mercenaries, the Obama’s al-Qaeda  thugs, in Adra, the Industrial Workers City few miles at north of Damascus.

The area was attacked by the anti-Christ and devil’s mercenary militias who committed the most heinous massacres in all times of history, slaughtering and burning in ovens entire Christian, Alawite and Druze families, to revenge their losses in Qalamon and other areas all over the country, exactly like what the US regime and its best allies, the ‘democratic’ Al Saud, promised.

Some estimates from the western backed opposition sources itself put the toll of slaughtered civilians at the hands of Wahhabis at 800 mostly children, of course the massacre was not condemned by the self-called ‘International Community’ of the group of winners of the WWII forming the United Nations, because it was done under their sponsorship.

The following report by the Syrian National Defense Media was recorded from the battle field on 26 December 2013



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