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Al-Moallem: We will do our best to ensure Geneva 2 will produce results that satisfy the Syrian people

Deputy Prime Minister, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Walid al-Moallem, said that Syria is looking forward to holding the international conference on Syria “Geneva 2,” because Syria has a clear vision based on the aspirations of the Syrian people and committed to the directives of President Bashar al-Assad.

This came during Minister al-Moallem’s meeting on Sunday with participants in the “Media of Resistance against War on Syria” forum. This meeting was attended by Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi.

Al-Moallem said that if Geneva 2 isn’t held at the scheduled time, then the United States must be asked why it failed to form a delegation from the opposition.

He said that the first issue Syria will propose during the conference will be combating terrorism, stressing that every patriotic Syrian must work to stop terrorism and call upon the countries that fund and arm terrorism to cease their support, affirming that combating terrorism will lead to a political solution.

Al-Moallem asserted that Syria will do its best to ensure that Geneva 2 will produce results that satisfy the Syrian people, adding that the final decision will be made by the Syrian people and that no force on Earth can force Syria to negotiate its national sovereignty.

He affirmed that those in the opposition who believe that they’re going to “Geneva 2” to seize power are delusional, saying “we are going to meet those in the opposition who reject interference in Syria’s internal affairs, reject terrorism, and work for creating the future Syria.

 “Our political decisions are independent and based on the Syrian people’s interests which are sacred to us,” he added.

On the Syrian state’s plan if the conference fails, al-Moallem said that state has a political plan and a national conference will be held in Syria in conjunction with the Syrian Army’s ongoing work to carry out its constitutional duties of defending the Syrian people and eradicating terrorism.

Responding to a question on what the Syrian government will offer at the conference and what it will take from it, al-Moallem said that there will be no bargains in Geneva, and that the dialogue will be among Syrians and led by Syria.

“If we set the interest of the Syrian people and the country as our goal, then we don’t need settlements in the style of deals,” he explained, saying that the goal is to reach a roadmap for the future with the Syrians participating in the conference which the Syrian people will agree to.

On Russia’s position regarding Geneva 2, al-Moallem said that Russia affirms that combating terrorism is a priority, because a political solution cannot be achieved without combating terrorism and forcing the countries supporting it to cease funding and arming terrorists, affirming that Syria demands that Security Council and international legitimacy resolutions on counter-terrorism be applied in this context.

Regarding the US and some of its allies’ opposition of Iran’s participation in Geneva 2, the Minister said that Syria is committed to Iran’s participation, pointing out that it’s illogical to exclude Iran for political reasons on the part of the US and those who call themselves “opposition.”

On the media plan to cover Geneva 2, al-Moallem said a Syrian delegation will handle this task, adding that Russia and the US agreed that UN Envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi will be the conference’s spokesperson.

Answering a question on how the shifts in the political landscape, particularly after the agreement between Iran and the P5+1, will affect regional issues including the Syrian issue, al-Moallem said that the agreement between Iran and the P5+1 was a victory for Iran and resistance in all directions, saying that had it not been for the steadfastness of the Syrian Army, people and leadership in the face of the US-led international aggression, the West wouldn’t have sought the agreement with Iran.

Regarding France’s hardline attitude towards Syria, al-Moallem said that France sells polticial positions in exchange for deals, and that this is the secret behind its relations with Saudi Arabia and Arab Gulf countries.

“The French President Francois Hollande, whose popularity dropped to less than 20%, doesn’t read history; otherwise he would have realized that the French mandate on Syria is gone and will never return and that the Syrian people alone have the right to choose their leadership, government and political future,” he elaborated.

On Syria’s relationship with the Arab world, al-Moallem said that Syria never abandoned its Arab milieu, as Syria is the beating heart of Arabism; rather the Arab milieu was the one who abandoned Syria, noting that the Arab people continue to support Syria. He also saluted the Iraqi people and army who are combating terrorism in al-Anbar province.

On whether there is coordination between the Syrian and Egyptian armies, al-Moallem said that there is no such coordination, noting that the US-led conspiracy against Syria employs various pawns on the ground including the Muslim Brotherhood, but despite that, the Egyptian Army’s battle against the Muslim Brotherhood’s terrorism its own battle and there’s no foreign interference in it.

Regarding the reports that the US s pressuring its allies to cease their support for terrorism and sending terrorists into Syria, al-Moallem said that US positions in this regard are characterized by their duality, as on one hand they talk about combating terrorism, with them suffering from terrorism in New York and going to Afghanistan to fight it, and on the other hand they secretly support terrorists and provide them with funds and weapons.

“Terrorism has no home and knows no borders… there must be coordination among all countries to combat it,” he asserted.

On Syria’s vision on what will happen after the end of aggression which the Arab League took part in, al-Moallem said that the Arab League in its current state is a disgrace to Arabs, therefore Syria is proud that it’s not a member in it, and after the crisis Syria will work to reclaim the Arabism of the Arab League.

Regarding the Bahraini people and their cause, al-Moallem noted that Syria tried to mediate a resolution of the situation in Bahrain in the past, and the two sides of the issue agreed to this mediation, but afterwards then Syria was surprised by the hostile attitudes of the rules of Bahrain, which is why Syria ceased its initiative in this regard, adding that Syria supports the Bahraini people in their efforts to claim their rights.

On some statements that suggest a shift in the Turkish position, al-Moallem said that part of what is currently happening in Turkey is because of the position taken by  Erdogan’s government which adopted a policy of supporting terrorism since the crisis in Syria began,  adding that it’s still too early to assess the developments in Turkey and deduce what they will lead to.



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