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Adra, Damascus countryside – The survivors of Adra town narrated their accounts of the terrorist crimes and massacres which were committed by the armed terrorist groups against the innocent residents of the town.

Maya Salibi, a 12-year-old girl, told SANA that the terrorists captured her parents and she walked all the way along with her little brother and her aunt to Damascus-Homs highway.

“We used to live in peace in this town, after we left our homes in Hijira town, but the armed terrorist groups entered the town and committed brutal crimes against hundreds of people; they have destroyed the houses and left entire families homeless,” Ali al-Bakkar said.

Subhi Salam, an 82-year-old man, said, “They [the terrorists] have looted our properties and attacked the women, and they have used us as human shields.. I am now 82 years old and I have never seen such painful days in my entire life.”

Mahmoud Khoulan, a father of six children, said, “My wife is sick; there is no electricity, no water and no food… we have stayed several days without food… it is hell!”

Several other accounts exposed the terror and brutality practiced by the armed terrorist groups which entered the town and killed its children, women and old men.