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Occupied Jerusalem, (SANA) – Solidarity and allegiance to Syria  was expressed in activities held on the eve of Christmas celebrations following the Julian Calendar at the courtyard of the Nativity Church in Bethlehem, where participants launched appeal ” May the new year be the year of peace in Syria.”
The event was organized by a number of Christian and youth institutions in Bethlehem in cooperation with Popular Committee for Solidarity with Syria during Christmas vigils.
Christian and Moslem clergymen prayed and lit candles, as Christmas hymns were chanted through the sounds of bells and Moslem prayer calls.
The participants expressed solidarity and sympathy with the abducted archbishops and nuns and those who are injured or in grief, carrying banners condemning of the conspiracy hatched against Syria.
Archbishop of the Sebastian Roman orthodox Church, Atallah Hanna,  Sheikh Maher Assaf, in addition to other clergymen gave speeches expressing solidarity with Syria and condemnation of the universal conspiracy launched against it.