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Takfiri terrorists in Deir Ezzor 31/12/2013 (Photo: AFP - Ahmad Aboud)

Takfiri terrorists in Deir Ezzor 31/12/2013 (Photo: AFP – Ahmad Aboud)


The capture of a swathe of territory in Iraq by Islamist terrorist forces has led to a full-scale crisis in the country, with the Iraqi Army possibly forced to accept support from the USA to control the chaos.

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki has all but declared war on the the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), stating that he and his government will continue the fight against the terrorist group which has taken over parts of the city of Fallujah. Such is the concern of the recent developments in the nation that the USA has declared it will speed up weapon and hardware deliveries in a bid to push back the fundamentalist terrorists.

The crisis in Iraq came to a head last week when fighters belonging to the terrorist group the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) began to attack police stations in the city of Fallujah in central Iraq, taking de facto control of large parts of the city away from the central government, raising their flags on government buildings and declaring their own independent Islamic state following increased fighting in the west of Iraq. The attacks have split the population between those who support the Islamist terrorists and Sharia law, and those who fear for their future under an ISIL-controlled Fallujah.

In reaction to events in the city which lies just 69 km away from the capital Baghdad, PM al-Maliki has made a number of declarations on television declaring that “We will continue this fight because we believe that al-Qaeda and its allies represent evil” in conjunction with a number of air strikes and shelling operations against parts of the city as tanks and artillery amassed at the edge of the city ready for a potential assault should local residents and forces located in the city not first expel the terrorists in the city. Al-Maliki is reported to have halted the shelling following the request of local tribal leaders, however the amount of time these local leader have before the Iraqi army launch their own attack on terrorists is not known.

Should the order come from the government, the Iraqi Army may very well have support from the USA, whose own forces fought a long and bloody campaign to capture the city following their invasion in 2003. According to news from Reuters, the US government has announced that it will fast-track shipments of military equipment to the Middle Eastern nation, equipment which would include missiles and drones, in order to rid the city of the yet unknown number of terrorist militants.

The world will watch on to see what happens next in the pivotal nation of Iraq, and whether the Iraqi government can nip this Islamist militancy in the bud before the situation worsens. With the memories of the bloodshed and destruction of the insurgency of the last decade imprinted in the memory of many living in the country, both those in the country and living in nearby nations will hope peace, calm, and order can return before its too late.



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