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“What happens to us when life leaves our body?”

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Many of us believe different things happen to us upon our death, and indeed different things do depending on how we lived the life we were given.

by NevaehWest

Most of us, not all, can agree there is a “higher power.” This higher power has many names depending on the faith we follow. Our “God” may have many names depending on our faith, but in general, he is the same for all of us who believe. He is the “All Knowing, All Mighty” of all that has been created. He is the one we pray to, and the one we aim to please as to join him in eternity in a place of peace, comfort, warmth and the purest of love. He is the one we know will look upon our actions in life, and judge us accordingly.

What if some have it wrong? What if what we believe is wrong remembering there are NO do-overs? Are you ready?

Most of us, not all, will follow the family faith we were born and raised into depending on the geographical region or area to which we were born. Does that mean others, of different faiths have it wrong? Can there be only one “true” faith? Would or could the “All Mighty” have gotten it so wrong as to have one religion claim superiority over all religions? Any religion who claims superiority over others believes this to be so.

What is it to have faith? 

Many of us try to live by, or as close to the book that follows the faith in which we believe. Some make twists to their faith to justify their actions here and there. Does that make them “non-believers or are they still believers following a different path?” Is it right to twist the words? Is it right to justify your actions if you cannot follow the words, but must twist them? Many do not live exactly as even their own faith depicts they should, but they live by their OWN version of that faith. We, who believe and have faith also have to believe in our eternity as there is no door which we can cross into and back in case we were wrong.

What is life? What is our expectations in how to live it?

Our life is our own. The legacy in which we choose to leave this world is our own. Every decision, every choice, every path, every action we choose is our own. We cannot blame anyone for the journey which we choose. We may have been born into circumstances we cannot change, but how we choose to live under those circumstances, and what we do with them is a choice. How we treat others is a choice. How we make others feel is a choice. Life is something we try to make the best of. Its how we can create something better from what we have, not only for ourselves, but for all. Its leaving things like greed and lust behind, as they will always destroy.

darkness can always enter your life if you let it.

Most who believe in a “higher power” usually believe in a “lower power” also. There are always going to be those who do not wish to make things better, but strive to make things worse. They like to see suffering. They wish to create chaos and bring harm. They thrive on it. They are guided by greed of some kind. Greed for money or greed for power. What they fail to realize is, although they can try to fill the empty void in their chest where the heart belongs, they never will. There will never be enough for them. There will never be enough money or power to satisfy them. They are hollow. They will lie, cheat or steal to achieve their goals. But they cannot take the money or power to the afterlife. In fact, it will do them no good at all. The “afterlife” is not for purchase.

People VS People 

In my experiences in life, some of the poorest people were the most giving. Some of the physically weakest displayed the most courage. I have witnessed great acts from people I would have never expected it from. I have seen kindness on a grand scale and I have seen horror on a grand scale. I have seen people kill in the name of religion, and I have seen people pray for those they consider an enemy. In any situation, I like to ask, “Is this something that would make the “All Mighty” proud or not.” After all, although man may judge us, but they are not the ultimate judge of our eternal destiny. Where we go is within our power, and based on our actions as well as our thoughts.

Death is merely part of that journey, one we all must take.

Sooner or later, we will all die. The wealthy cannot buy life. The powerful cannot demand it. Once we have died, we go to the place our actions during life take us, and the chance to change things in life are simply gone. How you lived your life will have a direct impact in your “next life.” So, what happens to us? None of us can truly answer that as its only for the dead to know, or is it?

What I personally witnessed…

I have been around many people who have crossed from life to death. One of the most interesting people I spoke with, was a man who had crossed to the afterlife. He was pronounced dead, and had no heartbeat for 45 minutes. When his heart began to beat again, he explained what he had witnessed. He said at first his life began to replay before him like a movie. However, something was different. He said as the “movie” played, he experienced and felt every feeling the people he had dealt with in life felt as a result of his actions towards these feelings. He said the people he did right, had good feelings towards him, and the feeling he felt as a result was a very good warm feeling. The people he had wronged or hurt had other feelings towards him, and he “felt” the hurt and pain the people he had wronged felt. He said each time those people experienced a memory involving him, he “felt” it, good or bad. He said there was indeed life after death, and how you choose to live your life was a direct impact on where you would go upon your death.

So what is the message from the book of your faith?

I believe all religious books of faith contain war and death. They also contain hope and love. They give you the tools to learn and to practice what is right, as they point out what is wrong. We live in a world where people want instant gratification. We have twisted the words of the book, and their intended meanings. We have allowed the words of man to deceive us, but remember, man has his own agenda always. The book, and the book alone has the answers to the questions you may have. Rely on your own interpretation of those words, not on anyone else to explain them. It will merely be “their” interpretation of those words.

We are all equal to one another. We are all children of this great world, and we must work together to protect it. We are all equally loved in the eyes of God. We should be kind to one another. Tolerant in others in how they believe if it brings no harm to others. We must work together to make this world a better place for us all, and for the future generations. If we do not practice these things, we will surely perish together as we destroyed it together. Kindness costs nothing, but gives so much. We must change things as a people, for the betterment of us all.

My grandmother used to say, “You are no better than the poorest person nor worst than the richest.” We are, in fact, the same.

Right your wrongs where you can. Show love, be kind and practice tolerance. Pray for those who have lost their way that we may all return to a place of peace.

by NevaehWest



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