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The Russian Foreign Ministry has sent a strong message of support to Syrian President Bashar Assad during a diplomatic meeting with the U.S.A. delegation in Moscow.

The Russian administration has declared to a delegation from the US State Department in Moscow that they will support the Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad, under any conditions.

Mikhail Bogdanov and Gennady Gatilov, aides of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, met with the US Undersecretary of State, Wendy Sherman, and gave her the message that Russia would continue to support al-Assad in Syria, emphasising that the terroist groups fighting against him were “threatening not only the future of Syria, but also regional stability”.

Russia’s stance on this issue may continue to frustrate the US regime, which has seen its plans for regime change in Syria come to nothing.


Source: Aydinlik Daily

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