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Occupied Golan, (SANA)- Not satisfied with expanding its settlements in the occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank, the Israeli occupation government went too far with its greedy ambitions to approve a new settlement plan in the occupied Syrian Golan.

golan settlements

With this plan, Israel is acting in violation of the international laws which prevent the occupying forces from changing the architectural, geographic or demographic structure of the occupied territories.

Presented by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu and the Israeli Agriculture Minister, the plan provides for opening 750 new agricultural facilities in Golan in five years, according to the Israeli Walla website.

The Israeli occupation authorities have strived to consolidate its annexation of Golan through a decision for that end that was considered null by the United Nations.

People of Golan have insisted on rejecting the decision and burned the Israeli identity cards they were forced upon them when the decision was issued in expression of their unswerving adherence to their Syrian identity.

The Israeli authorities announced last Saturday a new plan to build more than 1000 new settlements in Occupied Jerusalem and over 800 settlements in the West Bank.

The announcement of the new Zionist settlement expansion plan gives a slap to the attempts to make a success of the Palestinian-Israeli negotiations commenced by US Secretary of State John Kerry a month ago.