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Syria’s Maaloula: Statue of Christ Stolen, Bells Removed

Maaloula, the city of Christ (PBUH), has become a hoMaaloulatbed for al-Nusra Front; its bells will not be rung until further notice and its churches wait for the worshippers to repair the sabotage caused the takfiri militants.

Al-Manar website obtained the photos of the recent vandalize which hit the historical town of Maaloula.

Al-Manar website interviewed Father Makarios Qulwma, Secretary Patriarch of Antioch and All the East for Melkite Catholics, who confirmed some of the atrocities which the al-Nusra militants have committed against the town and its churches.

He added that Maaloula inhabitants were obliged to Sabotage in Maaloula Churchesleave their town in order not to be murdered by al-Nusra militants before they resorted to Damascus or Lebanon.

Maaloula 3

“Al-Nusra militants removed the bells of all the churches, and the bronze statue of Christ, which was erected in 2008, and all the historical remains, especially the golden items.”

“Al-Nusra Front has not even respected the sanctities of the dead as digging up graves exhumation continued, reaching St. Takla,” Father Makarios Qulwma added, “The militants also burned crosses after cracking statues for Virgin Mary.”

Father Makarios Qulwma also mentioned that the militantsSabotage in Maaloula Churches burned the houses and sold the furniture, yet he asserted that Maaloula as well as all of Syria will regain its position and strength and will attain victory, despite the huge losses.

Father Makarios Qulwma finally called on a prayer on Wednesday in Damascus for the Maaloula, stressing that its inhabitants, who were forced to leave it, will return to their town.

Khalil Moussa

Translated by Mohamed Salami

Source: Al-Manar Website

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