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Who is Washington’s protégé for Syria?

US/Saudi puppet Ahmad al-Jarba.

Despite the breakthrough agreement on the Syrian peace process reached in Geneva between Russian and American Foreign Ministers, the US administration did not give up its plans to oust President Assad and is still supporting the militants in Syria.

Speaking in Paris today after the talks with French, British, Turkish and Saudi counterparts, SS John Kerry has repeated that the Syrian leader “lost all legitimacy” and “will have to leave even if Syria will fully cooperate with the UN on its Chemical Weapons program”.

Sounds like Washington’s claims are based on a realistic roadmap for transition of power in Damascus to some new secular political leaders. Problem is that after the dismissal of Ms. O’Bagy White House seemingly doesn’t have any.

During Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria on September 3, John Kerry dropped only one name of a person he could wholeheartedly trust in Syrian chaos.

He presented to the US Senators an opposition leader Ahmad al-Jarba without providing too much detail. Perhaps senators do not care much about State Department’s protégé. But we do.


So who is Mr. al-Jabra?

    “Records reveal that official Riyadh handed over “the suspect Ahmad al-Jarba” to Damascus in 2008, on charges of drug trafficking, in accordance with an extradition agreement between Saudi and Syrian security services”,

writes journalist Nasser Charara in the influential Lebanese newspaper Al Akhbar.

Ahmad al-Assi al-Jarba is well-known not only to Saudis but also to Qatari and Syrian security services as a fugitive wanted for criminal offenses. At different times three countries with rival ideology and very strained diplomatic relations characterized him as a top white-collar criminal. Being “in business” for more than a decade he established deep ties with Prince Bandar (“Bush”) bin Sultan of the Saudi ruling clan. Shadowy past and Westernized image makes Ahmad al-Jarba a perfect candidate for political manipulation. A man in suit and tie compares favorably with stereotypical terrorists on the US television screen.

As Nasser Charara continues:

    The records also reveal another entry involving Jarba, which the Qatari security services undoubtedly also have in their records, as the source said: After the coup staged by the outgoing Emir of Qatar Hamad against his father Khalifa al-Thani, the latter’s foreign minister fled to Syria, where he became a vocal supporter for restoring the previous emir. At the time, according to the records, Emir Hamad’s people asked Ahmad al-Jarba to assassinate the exiled Qatari foreign minister in Syria. Al-Jarba even received payment after accepting to carry out the mission, the source claimed.

However, Jarba chose instead to expose the plot to the deposed Emir Khalifa, for which he also received a financial reward. The issue proved to have huge political consequences, prompting the Syrian state security agency to investigate and ultimately detain Jarba for a total of five months on counts of fraud.

No need to comment. The United States are going to replace president Assad by an uncontrollable, hypocritical and perfidious figure in Syria.

John Kerry presented Ahmad al-Jarba in Senate as a secular alternative to Al-Qaeda. The only thing he forgot to mention is that both brutal jihadists and spokesmen like Ahmad al-Jarba are sponsored by the same man – the chief of Saudi intelligence. This fact throws new light on Al Jabra’s “Syrian National Coalition” (SNC) attempts to wreck Geneva-2 peace talks. Saudi umbrella organizations are established to wage wars, not to seek diplomatic solutions.

The only way out of this zugzwang situation is to stop challenging legitimate government in Damascus and to leave way for a broad national reconciliation process in Syria under the guarantees of the great powers. All alternatives are leading to a deadlock.


government legalized bandits

“The Syrian Opposition” and the “Friends of Syria” (US/Saudi/NATO puppets) statement, and the Syrian Government Position of Strength before Geneva II

The Syrian government has asserted a position of strength, representing the de facto defeat of the foreign – backed mercenary brigades, and denounced attempts by “friends of Syria” and the “opposition” on Sunday in Paris, to make decisions on behalf of the Syrian people. Meanwhile, US and Russian diplomacy continues preparations for the Geneva II meeting, scheduled for 22 January.

Friends of Syria Statement clarifies, there is no “Opposition”. After the 11 nations “Friends of Syria” group met in Paris, France on Sunday, the group issued a joint press statement in which it called on “The Syrian Opposition” to attend the Geneva II meeting on 22 January. In the joint statement, the 11 nations group stressed that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad, would have no role in a future Syria, saying:

“Once the a transitional governing body is established, with control over all governmental institutions . . . including the armed forces, security services and intelligence structures, Assad and his close associates with blood on their hands will have no role in Syria”.


Remarkably, the “Friends of Syria” group consists predominantly of nations whose governments have been involved in planning, the war on Syria since 2007, and involved in executing it by financing mercenary brigades associated to the Qatar based international Muslim Brotherhood, national Muslim Brotherhood organizations, and a cohort of brigades under the banner of Al-Qaeda.

In an additional act of apparent disregard for international law, the group stated, that any plans by the Syrian government to hold presidential elections in which Bashar al-Assad participates would be “null and void”, adding that it would contradict the Geneva II process and its goal a negotiated, democratic transition.


Drug trafficker, killer, mercenary terrorist, “Syrian opposition” leader, Ahmad al-Jarba

The Friends of Syria also urged the Syrian National Coalition to form as soon as possible, a delegation of opposition forces to participate in the political process starting on 22 January. The foreign – backed, Istanbul-based “opposition” led by Ahmed al-Jarba on the other hand, has considerable problems with uniting an at least remotely representative or credible delegation. A source close to Ahmed Al-Jarba, whose Free Syrian Army has been decisively defeated by Al-Qaeda brigades, has been quoted as saying:

“A number of meetings with field commanders will be held in the next few days, before January 17, when the Coalition is due to make a decision on participation.. without causing division between the delegation and the field commanders.”

The Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, has held a meeting with Jarba on Sunday, but no results of their conversation have been made available to the media and the public. Russia, however, does not support any preconditions before the Geneva II talks.

Militants are suffering decisive Defeats – Indications of a Change in Strategy. Seen from a military perspective, the mainly Turkey and Qatar based Free Syrian Army and associated brigades whose commanders Jarba would have to discuss with on 17 January have been defeated, to such a degree, that their battlefield role is less than significant. Although, there have been attempts to revive Qatar’s and Turkey’s military influence by attempts to draw the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood organization Hamas and Palestinians into the equation.

The militarily dominant mercenary forces on the ground in Syria are suffering heavy losses by the hand of the Syrian Arab Army.


The militarily dominant mercenary forces on the ground in Syria are the Al-Qaeda associated, Saudi Arabia – backed and commanded Jabhat al-Nusrah, Liwal-al-Islam, ISIL and ISIS, and all of them are suffering heavy losses by the hand of the Syrian Arab Army. These losses have been so significant that many analysts assess that a fundamental change in core NATO member’s strategy can be observed, which aims more at the long-term destabilization of the region, that is Syria, Iraq and Lebanon by terrorism, and the further spread of the conflict into the Caucasus, rather than winning a decisive victory in Syria.

The Syrian Government Position of Strength before Geneva 2

Syrian Government prepares for Geneva II from a Position of Strength, based in Syrian Constitution and International Law. The Syrian government is preparing for the long overdue Geneva II conference from a position of strength. The Syrian Arab News Agency SANA reports that a source within the Syrian Foreign Ministry, on Monday, said that:

“The Syrian Arab Republic is not surprised by what happened in Paris during the meeting of the Syrian people’s enemies and the statements which are closer to fantasy than reality, and which cannot be uttered, except by people removed from reality and isolated from any acceptable political logic.”

The statement was issued in response to the statements issued by the 11 nations Friends of Syria statement, and continues:

“As we consider any statements or stances prior to the Geneva2 Conference as useless and representing hopeless attempts of some sides to cover up their gangs’ defeat on ground, under the roof of the Conference, the Syrian Arab Republic stresses that it disregards all those who speak on behalf on the Syrian people from abroad, whether they are Arabs or Western… Only the Syrian people are authorized to determine their future, their leadership and the form of their state, and anything else is nothing but nonsense that the Syrian people will not waste their time listening to anymore.”

The Syrian government underlines that it is ready to participate in the Geneva II conference, without preconditions. It does, however, stress that the Syrian position is solidly anchored in international law, including the Charter of the UN, which does not allow the interference into the internal affairs of a UN member state, much less the attempt to bring about “regime change” and the imposition of a government on a sovereign people by the means of mercenary armies. The source, quoted in SANA concludes:

  “Syria reaffirms that it has accepted to attend Geneva2 Conference without preconditions, having announced repeatedly that an inter-Syrian conference is the sole solution, but those, on the other hand, who try to set preconditions, conceptions, dreams or fantasies before the Geneva2 Conference who consider them as fait accompli, they are dooming the conference to fail before it begins because such illusions contradict the UN Charter and international legitimacy”.





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