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The Geneva-2 Conference is approaching, and after two years it has become clear that despite all the lies told about him, Assad is in a strong position with the support of all the Syrian people


President Bashar al-Assad

By Dr Bessam Abu Abdullah ~ Aydinlik Daily ~ 17 Jan 2014

Mr Erdoğan and the Foreign Minister have not tired of saying this over and over again since the first day of the dirty war: “Assad’s days are numbered. He should leave immediately.” They borrowed this expression from Obama and their Western friends. Those who worship the power of the western world thought that it would be enough to implement the same strategies against Syria that they had already implemented against Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. The personalisation of the issue in regions of crisis, and the exposure of a systemetic attack on public figures are psychological methods of wartime which are used consciously in order to break down and take hold of the popular sovereignity. The obvious message here is: If you do not sacrifice your leader and keep supporting him, you will be exposed to the knives of the greedy and hypnotised mujahids (warriors of Islam), your integrity will be stained and your country will be destroyed…

“After Bashar was destroyed…”

We experienced this with Milosevic (Yugoslavia), Saddam (Iraq), Bin Ali (Tunisia), Mubareq (Egypt), Ali Abdullah Salih (Yemen) and Gaddafi (Libya). The ultimate goal [of the imperialist powers] is to push the isolated leader away from power and plunder the country as they wish. We realise the fact that the concepts of democracy, reform and economic welfare are just tools for them to plunder the country, as we understood it after Basra was destroyed. The Western coutries manipulate the most reptilian, corrupt, antidemocratic and thieving political parties and governments in the world in order to satisfy their greed.

The second most common method which is used in this war is to lay the blame on the leader of the country and put the whole burden on his shoulders, in other words to turn ‘the leader’ into a demon.

These methods of western countries and their local servants  did not work out in Syria. The only reason for that is that Assad has the support and affection of his people. The Syrian army, police departments, security institutions and the civilian state bureaucracy support Assad from the bottom of their hearts. The national will is a shield made of steel for Assad. For this reason, [the imperialists] lost this dirty war despite the support of murderous and thieving networks, governments, the most advanced weaponry, military training and bases, and logistical and intelligence support. Whether or not Assad leaves does not depend on what Obama, Hollande, Erdoğan, the King of Saudi Arabia or their associates want. Only Syria can decide who is going to rule the country. The most significant aspect which ensures the welfare of Syria is its independence, sovereignty and free will. It makes contacts with countries as it wishes on the basis of mutual interests. However, Syria is gracious and soft to its allies and stands by them, whereas it is like a sharp sword to its enemies who betray it or its allies. The war imposed on Syria occurred at a time when Russia is getting more powerful, and Russia not only supported Syria, but also gained more international power from Syria.

Assad did not consider the military as the only solution

How clever and qualified Assad is as a diplomatic leader is proven well enough by his preference not to consider the military as the only solution in every aspect of domestic politics. He also proved what kind of a great leader he is, and how he knows how to protect his country from destruction and chaos, by announcing amnesty 6 times, being always open to discussion and making reforms despite all the challenging conditions. He proved that he is not the kind of leader who is single-minded, proud, or arrogant. He earned the respect of the opposition parties with his courage, foresight and reasonable attitude. The Syrian people realised that the murderous and thieving gangs which were introduced as “revolutionaries” are not going to help their country.

Conscientious answers will solve the issue

For those who do not know about Syria and are exposed to the partisan press of Erdoğan, Assad may be regarded as a dictator, while those who fight against him are angels without wings. This image is total fiction and rubbish. An international plot has been imposed on Syria. How else can murderers from 83 different countries come to Syria to fight, with what logistical support? What is the source of the flow of millions of dolars? Which countries do they use as a military base? Who provides their sophisticated arms? Which countries have laid an embargo on Syria so far? Why? Which countries tried to choke Syria by cutting its oxygen? Which countries, people and powers acquiesced to [rebels committing] the most savage homicides in the name of freedom and just kept their silence? Which countries insulted the national will regarding Syrian politics? The answers given with conscience to these questions will be enough to understand what has really been going on.

Suprising news for proud Erdoğan

The leaders of Syrian committes who are going to Geneva 2 signed an agreement with Assad which will suggest a clear and reasonable solution package. The decisions made in Geneva will be presented to the people of Syria and they will surely accept it by saying “Yes”.

A national struggle against the murderers will be demanded along with the punishment of the murderer gangs and the ones who have supported them so far. Everything will be done to reconstruct Syria. Russia and the USA will also wish for the same.

The story of the overthrow of Assad in Syria is over. Those with conscience and reason have started to understand this. Every one of them who regarded Assad as a demon will pay for eveything they have done. The people of Syria kept supporting Assad and have allowed him to create a legend. Erdoğan, who has not listened to the voice of the Turkish people, has turned into a man who is arrogant and proud. Suprising news for Erdoğan, who let his reign go to his head: Assad stays!


By Dr Bessam Abu Abdullah ~ Aydinlik Daily ~ 17 Jan 2014

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