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~ Seven lorries have been stopped and searched in Adana on suspicions that they were being used to transport weapons. Claims have arisen that the vehicles were carrying weapons to the al-Qaeda terrorist organisation.

In what is becoming a common occurrence in Turkey, a number of vehicles were stopped on Sunday 19 January on the motorway near Adana, after information reached Turkish security forces that they were carrying weapons. The first searches began at around noon, when three articulated lorries were stopped and searched.  The searches resulted in the detainment of the drivers of the three vehicles, who were led off in handcuffs. Then, in the afternoon, four more lorries were stopped and searched.

The searches were reportedly conducted very thoroughly, and involved sniffer dogs, a signal jammer and preventative measures against explosions.

Adana, located in the south of Turkey, is not far from the border with Syria, and lies on an important route towards that border. Consequently, weapons and other supplies directed to the opposition forces in Syria pass through the region in high numbers, as a series of seizures by police shows. These operations by the police have turned up shipments of great quantities of rocket warheads, weapons, and ammunition. The recipients of these military supplies allegedly include groups with links to al-Qaeda. This accusation is the latest of many, which has led to the Syrian government launching a criminal complaint against the Turkish government to the UN.

One of those to add to those allegations was Hüseyin Aygün, the MP for Tuncel representing Turkey’s main opposition party, the CHP. Although the gendarmerie had not made any statement disclosing the result of their search of the vehicles, Aygün contended on Twitter that weapons had been found and that these were heading for al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organisations.

“News is coming in that it is certain weapons destined for al-Qaeda have been found on the three lorries stopped on the Adana-Antep road”, wrote Aygün on Twitter. “The gendarmerie are conducting searches at the moment, and with this performance Tayyip [Erdoğan] is the biggest candidate among those who should have their names added to the list of ‘leaders who support terrorism’. When one thinks that Syria has sent an official criminal complaint to the UN regarding Turkey, Tayyip Erdoğan seems to be in a situation where he will wish his troubles are limited to the Turkish Supreme Court. Tayyip, who an AKP MP [Fevai Arslan of Düzce] described as ‘bearing the qualities of God’, is going to meet a very bad end.



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~ Source: Aydinlik Daily

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