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Minister Haidar: US prevented genuine national opposition inside from attending Geneva 2

SANA – 23/01/2014 – Minister of State for National Reconciliation, Dr. Ali Haidar, stressed that those who call themselves “opposition” have no real presence or representation on the ground and they are talking with the tongue of the US and the Gulf states to serve their interests.

In an interview with Russian NTV channel, Haidar pointed out that the US intended to prevent the genuine national opposition inside from attending Geneva 2 conference.

He added that the number of takfiri terrorists who are fighting on the ground exceeds 100,000 terrorists, half of them from the outside and belong to so-called “Islamic State in Iraq and Sham”, “Islamic Front” and “al-Nusra Front” funded by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

Opposition National Democratic Bloc: No political forces or opposition figures authorized to represent us at Geneva 2

The opposition National Democratic Bloc said, “We have not and we will not authorize any political side or opposition figure to represent us at the international conference on Syria which kicked off yesterday in Geneva.”

In a statement, the Bloc called on the UN Secretary-General, the US and Russia to work for representing the national opposition inside in any dialogue conference on the crisis.

Earlier, several national opposition parties announced that they would not authorize any figure from the “outside opposition” taking part in the conference.


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