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Nine Major Goals of Syria Torture Pictures

The images of corpses said to have been killed by the forces of Assad are part of a psychological warfare operation aiming to strike a blow against Assad before the Geneva-2 conference.


Mehmet Ali GullerBy Mehmet Ali Güller ~ AydinlikDaily

The images of corpses said to have been killed by the forces of Assad are part of a psychological warfare operation aiming to strike a blow against Assad before the Geneva-2 conference.

I will not be questioning the authenticity of the pictures which were disclosed to the press as “the pictures of the torture in Syria.”

Then again, the fiction of “Damascus having used chemical weapons” still smells strange and the history of the group who reported the images goes without saying.

This is because “the lawyers” working in that group with the money provided by Qatar, have declared everybody who fought for their country against imperialism, as guilty!

Now, let us come to the purpose of those pictures…

An attempt to sabotage the chance of peace

The goals of the roughly 55,000 pictures exposed, which reportedly belong to 11,000 victims, are as follows:

  • 1. To participate in Geneva 2 with a stronger hand.
  • 2. To prevent Assad from coming to the negotiations with an advantage.
  • 3. To declare the committee of Damascus as unnegotiable.
  • 4. To withdraw the invitation of the UN to Iran.
  • 5. To put Russia in a tight spot as the host of the negotiations.
  • 6. To lead the participant countries into a settlement without Assad.
  • 7. To bring forward certain issues again, such as the humanitarian corridor and the closure of the air zone with the purpose of preventing the so-called torture.
  • 8. To encourage foreign intervention in Syria.
  • 9. To guarantee civil war instead of cease-fire.

As a matter of fact, the invitation of Geneva 2 to Iran was withdrawn one hour after the disclosure of the pictures. Afterwards, the SNC, (National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces), which had laid 3 conditions for Iran before the negotiations, announced that it would also participate in Geneva 2.

A simple scenario and a cheap plan

In light of all these facts, we can say that the disclosure of these photos by Anadolu Ajansı (Anatolia News Agency) is not an achievement of journalism, but the assumption of a role within a simple scenario in a psychological warfare operation! We are sorry in the name of the entire profession of journalism…

Hence, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan gave a speech in Brussels right after the exposure of the images by AA and stated that he did not wish for a peaceful settlement from Geneva 2 in regard to those pictures!

The tragic part of the story in terms of the AKP is the position of the two media organs in the eye of Erdoğan, which disclosed the pictures. They are like the Guardian in the UK and CNN International in the USA, which Erdoğan regarded as evidence of the foreign interference because it broadcasted Gezi protestations live. Do the ones which were accused of being evidence of foreign interference back then, contribute to the operation today? In other respects, I have to share with you another very important detail. These photos were actually released the other night by a Twitter user nicknamed TahrirSy who disclosed some of them first to the New York Times on 12 January 2014 and then to some other private news agencies. The pictures which were not exposed back then, were blown up just a day before the Geneva negotiations!

The result will not change, Assad will win

Let us examine whether or not these pictures will change the result in the end.

It is true that the images blocked Iran’s way to Geneva and provided a major achievement to the opposition parties before the negotiations, but they will not change the result, which is Bashar al-Assad defends his own country against the imperialist attacks. A bomb strong enough to break his struggle has not been invented yet!

The struggle of Syria is also the struggle of the region against the Western forces and the region will win this war step by step!

They can gain positions cyclically with plots of chemicals and photographs, but they can never win this war!

We have to warn those who have been confused by the pictures: It is true that a crime against humanity is being committed in Syria – not by Assad who defends his country, but by imperialism and its tools in the region.

Omran al-Zoubi-salute

‘‘Torture Photos are Fake’’

In a special interview given to Aydınlık at Geneva, the Syrian Information Minister Omran al-Zoubi has announced that the torture photos leaked two days before the conference were faked and they will soon document this.

The Syrian Minister of Information, Imran al-Zubi, gave an exclusive interview to Beyhan Yıldırım of Aydınlık Newspaper during the negotiations in Geneva-2. Mr Zubi claimed that the scheme of torture photos in Syria is meant to function only to weaken Syria administrative members’ hand in Geneva-2 meetings considering the timing of the disclose the images to the press as opposed to the Syrian opposition parties.

*What do you think about the so-called torture photos which are said to be taken in Syria by the Western press and released two days before the Geneva-2 negotiations?

Those pictures are not real, it is as simple as that. Also, they contain no proof, and have nothing to do with Syria.

Even if some of those pictures have been taken in Syria, it’s a fact that Syria has seen hundreds of massacres, as in Iraq and several countries all over the world.

We do know who is responsible for who filmed it, who organized it, and moreover, who was funding it. We would like to advise you not to make any effort in this case, because within the next few days we are going to announce details about who made those pictures, who edited them, and where they came from.

We have a professional team which is investigating and finding out the facts of the case.


Sources: Aydinlikdaily

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