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Dead Man Walking:

ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdaadi, identified with photo

By Ziad Fadel ~ SyrianPerspective

Abu Bakr al-Baghdaadi photo revealed by Iraqi authorities.

It is a virtual warrant for his assassination.  The U.S. has a 10 million dollar reward on his head. Only caveman, Ayman Zawaahiri, has an higher one at 25 million.

His real name is pretentiously:  Ibraaheem ‘Awwaad Ibraaheem ‘Ali Al-Badri Al-Rawadhi Al-Saamirraa’iy (His “nisba” refers to the city of Samarra, Saamirraa`).

His nom de guerre is ABU Bakr Al-Baghdaadi Al-Qurashi Al-Hussayni.  An analysis of his name indicates membership in the large Iraqi Al-Saamirraa’iy السامرائ Sunni clan.

His code name is fanciful suggesting origins in Muhammad The Messenger’s tribe of Quraysh and even connection to the one of Shi’ism’s fountainheads, Al-Hussayn Ibn ‘Ali Ibn Abi Taaleb. 

But, even more amusing is the fact that Samarra was built as a garrison town for Turkic mercenaries during the Middle Ages by the Abbasid Caliphs.

It has the name of Samarra from a literary contraction of Surra Man Ra`aa سُرّ من رأى  which means “He who sees it is pleased”.

I think the buffoon is a fraud.  He may not even be of Arab descent.

By Ziad Fadel ~ SyrianPerspective

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