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Qatar and Ruling AKP Sent Terrorists to Iraq

A document sent from the Qatari embassy in Tripoli to the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs reveals that Qatar and the ruling AKP not only sent terrorists to Syria but also to Iraq.

An official document published by an Arabic forum regarding the covered activities of the Qatari embassy to Tripoli revealed that the Qatari Government schemed to send Islamist militants, which are being organized in Libya, to fight in Iraq in a coordinated manner. According to the document Qatari embassy to Tripoli has demanded from Libya to set up a coordination for sending 1800 terrorists to Iraq via Turkey.

Document sent from the Qatari embassy in Tripoli to the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Documento firmato dal Capo della Cancelleria reale saudita - BIG

The document, believed to be dated 10 January 2014, includes the following statements:

State of Qatar Embassy in Tripoli,

Dear brother, the manager of Arab Relations / Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Qatar, Doha

Subject: Preparation of volunteers to fight in Iraq

To your highness;

We kindly present to your information that the (1800) volunteer fighters from Morocco and North Africa have completed their training on military issues and use of heavy weapons in the camps of Benghazi, Zawiya, Misrata and Zintan.

We kindly suggest that the entrance route of these fighters to Iraq should be from Libyan ports to Turkey and then from Kurdistan to Iraq in three parts.

We kindly request you to be coordinated with the Turkish side for the proper time and the appropriate port that fighters will arrive.

Respectfully submitted,

Nayef Abdullah al-Emadi

Charge d’affaires



Evidence of Saudi ‘Royal’ Chancellery aid to the terrorist groups in Syria

Documento firmato dal Capo della Cancelleria reale saudita

Document signed by the Head of the Saudi Royal Chancellery addressed to heir of the throne the Emir “Salman Bin Abd Al Aziz”

Your Majesty Amir Salman bin Abd Al Aziz
Peace be upon you with the mercy and blessings of God

In compliance with the directives of His Majesty King Abdullah Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Saud, to offer help and support to aid our brothers the Mujahideen in Syria, were sent brothers Mohammad Abd Al Aziz Abdullah Al Rajihi and Thamie Hashimi in Lebanon where they attended a meeting at the our Embassy, with the Commander of the military Council of the Revolution in Homs, Colonel Fatih Hassoun, with the help of Al Mustaqbal, reaching an agreement to provide material support of 15,000 riyals to every Mujahid in Al Qussair and provide for all the needs of their family members as a contribution by his Majesty the King to moral support the fighters and to prevent the fall of the city in the hands of the Syrian Army and its Safawiti supporters .

The Head of the Royal Chancery
and the Special Secretary of the servant of the two Mosques



Documento firmato dal Capo della Cancelleria reale saudita indirizzato all’Emiro erede del trono “Salman Bin Abd Al Aziz”:

Vostra maestà Emiro Salman bin Abd Al Aziz,
la pace sia su di Voi con la clemenza e la benedizione di Dio.

In ottemperanza alle direttive di Sua Maesta il Re Abdullah Bin Abd Al Aziz Al Saud, di offrire l’aiuto l’aiuto e il sostegno ai nostri fratelli Mujahidin in Siria, sono stati inviati i fratelli Mohammad Abd Al Aziz al Rajihi e Thamie Abdullah Al Hashimi in Libano dove hanno partecipato ad una riunione, presso la nostra Ambasciata, con il Comandante militare del Consiglio della rivoluzione a Homs, il colonnello Fatih Hassoun con l’aiuto di una fonte sicura della corrente Al Mustaqbal raggiungendo l’accordo di offrire un sostegno materiale di 15000 riyal ad ogni Mujahid sul fronte di Al Qussair e provvedere a tutti i bisogni dei loro familiari come un contributo di Sua Maestà il Re al sostegno morale dei combattenti e per impedire la caduta della Città nelle mani dell’Esercito siriano e dei suoi sostenitori Safawiti.

Capo della Cancelleria reale
e il Segretario speciale del servitore delle due Moschee


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