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Luna al-Shibl

Who rejects statements based on UNSC resolutions on combating terrorism is a terrorist.

Member of the Syrian Arab Republic’s delegation to Geneva, Luna al-Shibl, stressed that who rejects a statement based on the UN Security Council  resolutions related to combating terrorism is a terrorist, in reference to the rejection of the coalition delegation so-called “opposition” of the draft statement submitted by the Syrian official delegation on combating terrorism.

In a statement to reporters, al-Shibl pointed out that the draft statement is clear and based on the UNSC resolutions as it calls for serious and immediate work to combat terrorism and pursue the terrorist organizations in all Syrian territories.

She added that most items of Geneva 1 Communique talks about combating terrorism directly or indirectly and for achieving all items there should be a stable and secure situation on the ground; consequently stopping terrorism is a must.

She stressed that the Syrian government is ready to go on with Geneva 1 Communique until implementing it but in order, and the Syrian government is working to ease the humanitarian suffering in Syria.

Al-Shibl said that the official delegation tried to establish common ground in a simplified way and talked about a sovereign state and combating terrorism and liberating territories, but the other side rejected these very simple principles.

Answering a question on “essential talks” going on in Berne with the participation of Iran, al-Shibl denied such talks are taking place, stressing that the Syrian official delegation is in Geneva, and there are no other delegation elsewhere.


SANA/Allafi – 30 January 2014

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