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al- Yarmouk Camp: Palestinian refugees die in foreign backe terrorists-held camp

RT’s Maria Finoshina took a trip to this terrorists enclave.

An estimated 18 thousand people, including many women and children, remain trapped in the Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp in southern Damascus.

It’s been cut-off by foreign terrorist gangs for more than a year now.

Hundreds of relief parcels have managed to reach the camp for the first time in several months but that’s too late for at least 85 people who have died there since the middle of last year from illness and starvation.

al- Yarmouk Camp: 980 food baskets delivered to families trapped in, 150 persons evacuated


Damascus – SANA/Sabbagh – As part of the peaceful popular initiative to resolve the crisis in Yarmouk Camp, and with the support of the Syrian government, a new shipment of aid was delivered to the camp to alleviate suffering of locals besieged by terrorists.

Head of the Palestinian Popular Reconciliation Committee Mohammad al-Omari told SANA that 980 food baskets have been delivered to Yarmouk Camp on Friday and distributed among the families in it.

He noted that the Palestinian popular committees also evacuated 150 persons including sick women and elderly people who were rushed to Damascus hospitals for treatments.

Al-Omari said that earlier on Thursday, 1,145 food baskets were delivered to locals in the camp and 7 people were evacuated, despite the terrorists’ attacks on popular committees while delivering food baskets.

He lauded the facilitations and steps taken by the government to help deliver aid to the camp.

ADRA: RT first TV crew at besieged Syrian town, after alleged atrocity by foreign takfiri terrorists


It’s been more than a month since foreign takfiri terrorists seized the industrial Syrian town of Adra, and allegedly massacred dozens of civilians there.

Heavy fighting left thousands displaced, and militants still hold large parts of the city, making it impossible to go in and verify the details of any atrocities.

Yet RT became the first foreign TV crew to get to the area (thanks the Syrian Arab Army security forces) since the start of the siege – and spoke to some of the survivors


Russia Today  and SANA report

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