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Gen. al-Freij visits army sites in Aleppo

Syrian Defense Minister, Lt. General Fahd Jaassem al-Furayj, inspects Forces before the final push to liberate all Aleppo. 

With the battles to eliminate all terrorist activity in this northern capital moving apace and victory after victory being accomplished, the Syrian Defense Minister has decided to personally inspect the government forces arrayed to finish the task of liquidating the rodent menace from the streets of Aleppo.

It is understood why this personal visit has to take place.  The Syrian High Command is aware of American and NATO surveillance and eavesdropping operations which often results in the rats receiving life-saving warnings from handlers in both Incirlik and Al-Mafraq.

The personal inspection with field commanders means that the full force of Operation Canopus Star is going to be unleashed during the next few days after the 2 mechanize armored divisions from the Syrian Third Army Corps have taken up position in the north.  We anxiously await the Endloosung of the rats.

Gen. al-Freij visits army sites in Aleppo-2

General Al-Furayj is originally from the Province of Hama, but knows Aleppo inch-by-inch since he used to be a cadet at the artillery college.  Here he looks at areas of Takfiri rats concentration and SAA advances.    

Our reports indicate that General Al-Furayj remains “very optimistic” that the war will end in months and not years.  With new weapons systems arriving, the SAA is expected to deploy new tactics that will shock the rodent enemy and his American handlers.

Central Prison area:  New reinforcements are continuing their assault on all fixed positions of Jabhat Al-Nusra, Al-Jabha Al-Islamiyya and ISIS around the prison’s perimeter especially in Al-Judayda.

The rodent attacks have stopped since the army cleaned out the area within a half kilometer of the prison.  It appears the rodents have lost all hope of entering the citadel which is superbly fortified and whose defenders are committed SAA stalwarts including my wife’s nephew.


Rasm Al-’Abbood:  Weapons and ammunition discovered stashed in a shed.
All donated to the NDF for use against Saudi Arabia.

‘Azzaan: Heavy fighting here as SAA commits more troops to all fronts.  No details.


Haddaadeen: This should be an easy one as rodents begin moving out to other fortified locations.


Heelaan:  Fighting with no details.


Al-Wudhayhi:  7 rodents killed here 4 of whom were established as North Africans.
The known rats are:

Shaaker Muhammad Al-’Aamiri

Muraad Hassan Baakhoot

Mahmoud Hishaam Al-’Abdullah



Heavy fighting reported in all these areas:

Qaadhi ‘Askar: 

Karm Al-Muyassar:





Bustaan Al-Qassr:


Bani Zayd:


Al-Khaanaat in the Old City:




Al-Shaykh Najjaar:


Al-Mash-had Quarter:  A group of skunks calling themselves the “Shari’ah Courts” were killed down to every pest.  10 reported dead. All foreigners.



HOMS: A battle of destiny has begun in Homs Province at the town of Al-Zaara.  If the SAA can dislodge the remnant scavengers from this town, the sister Christian town of Al-Hissn, where the superb Krak de Chevaliers still stands, will be liberated almost automatically.

There will no longer be any efforts to resupply the rats because the border will have become effectively sealed.  This is a very important battle to follow.

Evidence so far indicates substantial SAA advances.  SyrPer predicts an announcement of Al-Zaara’s liberation by Monday.


Krak des Chevaliers in Al-Hissn,
a city located in the Valley of the Christians

الجيش السوري يحكم سيطرته الكاملة على محيط حقل التيم النفطي‎



Ziad Fadel ~ Syrian Perspective ~ February 1, 2014


Attorney for 33 years and Supreme Court Certified Interpreter for Arabic/English Diploma with Honors from Ann Arbor Pioneer High School in 1968; B.A. University of Michigan in Ann Arbor 1968-1972; M.A. University of Michigan Dept. of Near Eastern Studies 1972-1974; Ph.D. Cand. Univ. of Michigan 1972-1977; Then went to law school. Credits: Harvard University for classes in Islamic Philosophy; Fellowships from University of Pennsylvania 1976; 2 from Univ. of Michigan. Read English, Arabic, German, French, Farsi, some Hebrew. Studied Ancient Greek and Latin before grad school. Michigan Supreme Court Certified Interpreter/Translator for Arabic and English


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