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Syrian Army Kills non-Syrian Terrorists, Foils Infiltration Attempt from Lebanon

The Syrian Army in cooperation with border guard personnel on Sunday foiled terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from Lebanon into Tal al-Na’imat in Qusseir southern countryside, killing 6 terrorists, among them the Lebanese terrorist Mohammad Abdel-Razaq al-Daher, SANA reported.

Army units destroyed terrorists’ hideouts in the village of al-Zara in Homs countryside, killing scores of terrorists, among them Saudi terrorists Mohammad al-Mashhadani and Alaa al-Mashhadani, Lebanese terrorists Ali Jarbou, Duraid Safwan and Waled al-Owishat, and Jordanian terrorist Khalifa Hamdan al-Naser.

SFP from Al Manar – 2/2/2014


L’Esercito Arabo Siriano Elimina Terroristi non-Siriani e Sventa Infiltrazione di Umini Armati dal Libano.

L’esercito siriano, in collaborazione con il personale della guardia di frontiera, questa domenica ha sventato il tentativo di mercenari-terroristi stranieri di infiltrarsi dal Libano in Tal al-Na’imat, campagna meridionale di al-Qusseir, uccidendo 6 terroristi, tra i quali il terrorista libanese Mohammad Abdel-Razaq al-Daher.

Le Unità dell’Esercito Siriano hanno anche distrutto i nascondigli dei terroristi nel villaggio di al-Zara, campagna di Homs, uccidendo decine di mercenari-terroristi, tra i quali i sauditi Mohammad al-Mashhadani e Alaa al-Mashhadani, i libanesi Ali Jarbou, Duraid Safwan e Waled al-Owishat, ed il giordano Khalifa Hamdan al-Naser.

TG24SIRIA – 2/2/2014


FULL REPORT (SANA 02/02/2014) :

Army kills non-Syrian terrorists, foils infiltration attempt from Lebanon

Army units continued operations against armed terrorist groups, targeting them and their hideouts in several areas, and preventing terrorists from infiltrating the borders from Lebanon.

Terrorists eliminated, infiltration attempt from Lebanon foiled in Homs

Units of the armed forces on Sunday foiled a terrorists attempt to infiltrate from Lebanon to the southern countryside of al-Qseir, destroying a number of their dens and gatherings along with the weapons and ammunition inside them.

A military source told SANA that the army units destroyed terrorists’ dens in al-Zara village, killing scores of them.

Among the dead terrorists were Mohammad al-Mashhadani, Alaa al-Mashhadni from Saudi Arabia, Ali Jarbou’a, Dwreid Safouan, Walid al-Awaishat from Lebanon and Khalefa Hamdan al-Naseir form Jordan.

The source pointed out that an army unit in cooperation with the border- guard personnel foiled terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from Lebanon to Tal al-Naemat in the southern countryside of al-Qseir , killing 6 of them, including Mohammad Abdulrazaq al-Daher from Lebanon and seizing their weapons.

The source pointed out that other army units killed and injured all members of armed terrorist groups in al-Safsafeh, Om al-Twaini and al-Jaref villages, in addition to destroying their weapons.

Meanwhile, another army unit ambushed terrorists  on Ein al-Niser-al-Sheikh Hmaid road in the countryside, killing 10 of them.

Army units eliminated the last of the terrorist gatherings in al-Bardaiyat farms near al-Zara village in Talkalakh countryside.

An army unit destroyed a pickup truck equipped with a heavy machinegun along with the terrorists and weapons inside it in the village of al-Ghanto.

Terrorists fired five rocket shells at the village of al-Mukhtariye and Beit al-Nabhan near Talbiseh, causing material damage to properties but no injuries.

211 gunmen from Homs countryside turn themselves in

211 people involved in the current event turned themselves in and surrendered their weapons to the authorities in the village of Sukara and nearby villages in Homs’ eastern countryside.

A source at the province told SANA’s correspondent that the 211 people were released and their legal status were settled after they pledged not to return to bearing arms or carrying out any action that would harm the safety of the country and citizens.

Terrorists eliminated in several areas in Damascus Countryside

Army units eliminated a number of terrorists and destroyed their weapons and ammo in the areas of al-Ebb farms, Ein Tarma valley, and al-Mleiha in Damascus Countryside, in addition to destroying a terrorist hideout along with several terrorists in al-Zabadani.

An army unit eliminated a number of terrorists and injured others in Maaloula city and near the Cherubim Convent in Sednaya, while another unit carried out a special operation near the town of Jaba’adin in which it destroyed a terrorist gathering.

In Daraya, army units pursued terrorists in several areas, leaving scores of them dead or injured and destroying their weapons and ammo, in addition to eliminating a number of terrorists during operations in Khan al-Sheih and its farms.

Army units clashed with terrorist groups in al-Qadam areas, resulting in leaving dozens of terrorists dead or injured.

Terrorist mortar attacks injure 24 citizen in Jaramana city

24 citizens were injured, including women and children, by mortar shells fired by terrorists on the schools and the residential neighborhoods in Jaramana city in Damascus Countryside.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that mortar shells landed on the neighborhoods of al-Janaein, al-Jama’iat, al-Rawda, al-Talaleh, Daf al-Sakher, al-Baedar, al-Bassel street and a number of schools in Jaramana, causing the injury of 24 citizens.

The source added that one of the shells fell on Martyr Hassan Basher School, causing the injury of 2 children, while another shell landed on martyr Walid Jaber School, causing material damage to its building.

The source pointed out that the terrorist attacks caused large material damage to the citizens’ houses and shops.

Three citizens wounded by terrorist explosion in Esal al-Ward

Meanwhile, three citizens were injured by a terrorist explosion with an explosive planted in Esal al-Ward town in Damascus countryside.

A source at Damascus Police told SANA that terrorists blew up an explosive in front of the house of Peasants Union’s Head Mohammad Khalof, wounding three citizens.

Army inflicts heavy losses upon terrorists in Aleppo

A military source told SANA that the army units foiled terrorists’ attempt to infiltrate from  old city of Aleppo to the neighboring safe areas, killing and injuring many of them.

The source added that other army units eliminated a number of terrorists and destroyed their weapons and ammunition in the neighborhoods of Karm Humad, al-Shaar, Qadi Asqar, Bab al-Haded, al-Mayser, al-Marjeh and al-Jandoul round about in Aleppo city.

The source pointed out that other army units killed large number of terrorists and destroyed their cars along with the weapons and ammunition inside them in the villages and towns of Kweirs, Abu jbar, Taibet al-Emam and Deir Hafer in the eastern countryside of Aleppo.

Terrorists killed in Idleb countryside

A unit of the armed forces destroyed a number of cars along with the weapons and ammunition inside them in al-Mastuma village and to the south of Areha.

Military source: 14 terrorists eliminated in Daraa

A military source said that a unit of the army eliminated 14 terrorists and injured others in Atman town in Daraa countryside.

The source added in a statement to SANA that a pickup was destroyed and other vehicles belonging to the terrorists in al-Hirak town and killed and injured all terrorists inside the vehicles.


SFP – 0202/2014