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Two Russian aid aircrafts arrive in al-Bassel Airport in Lattakia

Two Russian aid aircrafts on Tuesday arrived in al-Bassel Airport in Lattakia, carrying supplies to the Syrian people as to confront the unjust economic besiege and the terrorist attacks targeting their country’s resources.

Head of the Department for International Affairs of the Russian Ministry for Emergencies, Alexander Tomashov, said that the aid stresses the Russian people’s support to the Syrian government and people, hoping the crisis will end soon.

Tomashov said Russia will send more aid, including large amounts of various kinds of medicine, to the Syrian people in the coming period.

The aircrafts are loaded with 52 tons of different sorts of relief materials.

Russia has sent dozens of planes loaded with humanitarian aid, the last of which were two planes loaded with 32 tones of humanitarian aid sent on 30th of last December.

al-Yarmouk Camp, Damascus


Aid distribution and evacuation process continue in al-Yarmouk Camp, Damascus

For the sixth day in a row, humanitarian aid continues to be distributed in al-Yarmouk Camp in Damascus with more people being evacuated for medical reasons.

Over 4300 food baskets have been distributed and 2500 people with medical conditions have been evacuated up till Tuesday morning.

Supervisor of the Relief Campaign for the Palestinian People at the camp, Abo Kifaa Ghazi, said in a statement to SANA that the Syrian government and 14th Palestinian factions are working to alleviate the suffering of the people trapped by the gunmen in the camp until security is restored to it.

“We seek to let in as much as we could of food baskets with sugar, oil, milk, rice, dates and bread to the residents of the camp, both the Syrians and Palestinians,” Ghazi added.

Maher Shikheh of Medical Services Department at the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command noted that the Front is working with the Syrian government and the Red Crescent of Syria and Palestine to evacuate people with medical and humanitarian conditions to be admitted to hospitals and makeshift centers in Damascus.

Among the evacuated people, Shikheh said, were university students who have been offered help to be able to continue their study.


SFP – 4/2/2014