DAMASCUS: residents of Ghezlanieh and Mazzeh neighborhood took to the streets on Friday in a rally in support of Syria’s army in the face of the armed terrorist groups.

The participants expressed full support to Syria’s official delegation taking part in Geneva 2 conference and adherence to the national stances spelled out at the first round of the conference.

Thousands of citizens carried posters of president Bashar al-Assad and waved Syrian flags, chanting slogans hailing the army and its leader and stressing their adherence to national unity.



The participants highlighted that no side can intervene in Syria’s internal affairs, adding that the Syrians managed to confront the takfiri mentality thanks to their awareness and commitment to the unity of the country and the coexistence among its people.

They said that this activity proves to the whole world that the Syrians are defending their country and its national unity, adding that solving the crisis can be reached only through a Syrian-Syrian dialogue held in Syria.

They called upon all the Syrians to support the Syrian Arab Army in combating terrorism and terrorists and fighting the phenomena of extremism and fanaticism.


SyrianFreePress from Syrian Network Sources