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The majority of the civilians are women, children and elderly.

~ HOMS ~ Feb 09, 2014 ~ 611 civilians who were besieged in the old city of Homs have been evacuated Sunday, Homs governor Talal Barazi told SANA reporter on sunday.  

The evacuees are a new batch of civilians to be evacuated from Homs old city in implementation of an agreement between Homs governor and the UN resident representative in Syria.

Homs governor, Talal al-Barazi said in a statement to SANA that persons ranging in age between 16 and 54 years have been evacuated at their own request who said they were ready to have their file settled and agreed to face responsibility were they wanted to any judicial body.

Al-Barazi said that humanitarian aid has entered the old city whose access has been impeded due to terrorist attacks on the aid trucks while they were on their way into the Old City neighborhoods yesterday.

The governor revealed that a plan to extend the evacuation process for three days is under consideration as the governorate is interested in evacuating all civilians willing to exit the old city.

He affirmed that the governorate is ready to deliver humanitarian assistance so long as the UN mission and the Syrian Red Crescent are delivering aid to those in need.

A number of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent workers have been wounded while delivering aid into Homs old city as terrorists fired mortar shells and detonated an explosive device in an attempt to derail the relief efforts.

However, two cars loaded with relief aid entered Homs city and have been distributed in the neighborhoods of Bustan al-Diwan and al-Hamidieh.

83 civilians, all of them women, children and elderly were evacuated Friday.



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